Harper first wreslter in 2013 to wrestle 3 shows in a week

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Nov 15, 2013.

  1. Ok I saw this on wikipedia while looking up some stuff. I know, wikipedia isn't the best source, but I thought this was pretty cool since Harper is my favorite right now. Did anyone do it in 2012 I wonder?

    Link (open)
    Referenced in Wikipedia. I know its a little old, I still think its cool. http://www.wzronline.com/wrestling-news/luke-harper-makes-wwe-history-hofer-at-auto-show.html
  2. Obviously whoever updated Wikipedia can't add because the article in the link has Harper wrestling 4 shows in one week. Damn.
  3. I remember Kane beating Mike Knox on 4 shows on the same week a few years back. But still, this is quite good, I love seeing Harper in the ring.
  4. Same here! His match with OhNo was good. Disappointing for OhNo I'm sure though.
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  5. Yeah, the 2nd match was really awesome. It told an awesome story, the guy wouldn't die but the big monster was too much for him. When Harper splashed him and was setting up for the Discus Clothesline then KO hit the Elbow I marked like a girl, loved that spot. Too bad Hero is gone indeed.
  6. Yeah that KO elbow was MEAN looking! Discus clothesline, I get it!
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  7. If they had released Ohno during his long absence I probably wouldn't be that mad. But to see a guy wrestle that match and on the same day (or the following one, whichever) get released sucks, haha.
  8. OH jeez, didn't know that. So KO is gone? He just came back lol. Oh well.
  9. Thought you knew, yeah, I was kinda sad to hear it too, and him coming back to be released felt weird and all.
  10. Nah, I didn't know that. I missed the majority of the KO bus. Saw him get injured by the Wyatts and then his return. That was all.
  11. Yeah he was growing on me
  12. Honestly the only thing worth watching besides that is his stuff vs Regal, that was great. He really called it in most of the time.
  13. Yeah, man, Harper's a beast. And if stuff like this is what it takes to get noticed then more power to him! :win:

    And on Raw and Smackdown he had a small part on top of wrestling all those house shows. Niiiiice.
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