Harry's left Spurs.

Discussion in 'Sports' started by seabs, Jun 13, 2012.

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  1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/18436663

    ^^ It's there.
    Anyone offering me a single fuck about this story?
  2. Sure here's my last one *hands you a fuck*
  3. I'll give you plenty. It's the stupidest decision the moron chairmen of Spurs has ever made. He's widely regarded as a tool and this is why. Harry Rednapp is a gift to English management, we don't come across many gems but he's certainly the best English manager by a country mile. He should be the one in Ukraine/Poland now leading our national team, but that wasn't to be. I fucking loved Spurs. 4 points adrift in last place to champions league football = amazing. They were the most attractive team to watch last year, playing some Barcelona style football.

    Spurs will fall apart now. If I was Moyes I wouldn't move there as I see Bale and Modric both going. If they stay then I hope Moyes does get it, he deserves it. I really hope to see Harry somewhere else, a good team though, no mid-table team. If you told me SAF was retiring and our replacement was Rednapp, I would be incredibly satisfied (SAF Is GOAT I know, if he HAD to retire though).

    Stupid Levi, what a moron.
  4. Wait, soccer spurs of basketball spurs?
  5. Re: RE: Harry's left Spurs.

    The football team, the article makes that clear.

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    Stupidest decision managements done. Dark time to be a Spurs fan. They better find someone great to fill his spot or all Redknapp worked so hard for will fall apart.
  7. Good thing i support a sh**** championship team and dont have to worry about this stuff :yes:
  8. Re: RE: Harry's left Spurs.

    Me too, bro five.

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  9. Who do you support?
  10. Sheff Wednesday, hometown team lol. How about you?
  11. Middlesbrough home town again, guess we will be playing you next season, good luck to you, may the best team win :ace:
  12. You'll probably beat us again lol, how's Boro getting on now a days anyway?
  13. We started the season amazingly and i was expecting promotion but second half of the season we hardly won and just dropped away, we didnt even make the playoffs :emoji_slight_frown:
    I know Sheff Wed had a good season though, beating Utd and all, did you want them promoted for the derby game or are you happy they stayed down?
  14. On topic in total agreement wit Crayo one of my mates is a Spurs fan and he is devastated and cannot believe what they have done. In terms of the team going forward they are gonna struggle as it's a tough job and honestly I see them slowly freefalling down the EPL!
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