Hart talks about WWE wasting talent

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Sep 27, 2012.

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  2. Wasn't this posted about 2 weeks ago? Or is Bret telling another journalist that Tyson Kidd is underused? :notsure:
  3. Yeah old news + already posted..
  4. Taken out in the back and shot? That's a little extreme!
  5. i believe Bret's intentions are wrestling related, while WWE is seeking to brand itself and make $ off whomever may tickle the public fancy
  6. Sad but true(except the shoot part), WWE talent is getting wasted, instead of getting used for actual wrestling, they take their wrestlers and make them into complete useless clowns, take Santino for example, his career is broken, he is a comedy character with a shit finisher. He is a great wrestler, a boss, but instead of using him for wrestling, they limit his moves a shit load a lot, and make money off of him by having him in poor humor sketches. Same with divisions, remember the cruiserweight division was great, high flyers, and giving opportunities to those young guys, and instead they choose to retire the division in the poorest way possible by giving it to Hornswoggle. They also make pointless changes like the Woman's championship and Diva's championship, they could have either kept the Woman's championship, or have the Diva's championship like in an Intercontinental championship style, being 2nd to the Woman's championship. WWE needs to get their act together.
  8. Cool to see some of the old guys stating their opinion on present day wrestling. Hopefully a few more will say the same sort of things and we'll see some young guys with a lot of talent getting a push like Trent Baretta and Tyson Kidd.
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