Has anyone else ever had or been affected by this kind of problem?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by WarMachine, Apr 22, 2015.

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  1. I mean it's not necessarily my problem, but I am affected by it. So a few years ago at one of the closest houses across the street from me (there's two sides of houses in front of where I live), and the house the problem comes from is pictured here was taken before yesterday's incident


    A bee swarm came in and eventually built a ginormous bee hive on one of the eaves of a shed back there (I don't know if anyone can see the shed, and where the hive is, you won't be able to see in the photo) and that colony was pretty peaceful and since then, those people have been extracting honey on occasion, which yes, it is really good. But then a few months ago, all of those bees disappeared and the hive was practically empty, up until what we're all guessing a few weeks ago, whereas I just noticed it on Monday, this new colony came in and they are VERY aggressive, like it's so easy to get them mad. Somebody on the other side of the street was mowing their lawn yesterday and the bees went absolutely crazy, so a whole bunch of them came over and started to attack all at once, and he tells me they chased him down for about three quarters of a mile, but here's where the problem is for me, a pest control company just came a few minutes ago and they are going to destroy the hive, I'm trapped at home as the whole street is closed off to go outdoors and I imagine that this job will take at least 6-8 hours to complete since these bees are so aggressive and hard to deal with. I personally don't know, has anyone else here had that experience or one similar to it?
  2. Update: The pest control people that are removing the hive have stated that this newer colony is indeed Africanized, which I was thinking it was
  3. My grandfather had a bee hive in his backyard once, but never that bad. That's sounds pretty scary as hell.
  4. Yeah if you don't live in Brazil, Mexico, and southwest or southeast of the United States, you're good.
  5. Erm we live in southwestern, California :sad:
  6. We had a Hornets nest hanging in the tree across the street from our mailbox, it was huge too.
  7. Then yeah, there are Africanized bees that can live there
  8. :no: I'll use a flamethrower on them
  9. Using a flamethrower is what these guys should have done

  10. If it was Vince McMahon, they would all get a rapper gimmick.
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  11. Gasoline would have probably helped tremendously.

    A few years back, I was helping my uncle move a lot of shit out of his shed to take to the scrapyard and we found a small wasp nest on an old lawnmower of his. He took nothing more than a small cup of gasoline and threw it on every single wasp situated on the nest and they all fell dead immediately. Next time the bees fuck with ya, bring out the gasoline and go hard on them. (Well, gasoline doesn't come cheap, but you get what I mean.)
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  12. lol racist scum

    theyz afrikan burn em
  13. Can't very well lynch them now can they?
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  14. I would rather face a bear instead of this. Scary as fuck
  15. We have had a few nests in the ground, actually burrowed into the side of a hill. We had another nest that basically kept us off our deck because of the size of it.
    Finally let off some "bombs" under the deck and nuked them rather quickly. That situation sounds incredibly scary!
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