Has anyone else here been following the Ukraine/Russia crisis?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Mar 7, 2014.

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  1. I'm fascinated by it to be honest, although it's probably the wrong way to feel about it, but it's the way its portrayed by different media outlets. It's obviously not surprising that different outlets treat it differently, but it just opens your mind about world media.

    Anyway, anyone following it enough to discuss it without pure ignorance? I thought it was amazing timing by Russia. They just had the games which promoted equality and world peace, then goes and invades Russia for 100% business reasons.
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  2. We are living in another Cold War.
  3. Well Russia has China behind them and essentially the power to destroy the American dollar as the world's major currency. The parliament/counsel in Crimea just came to a decision to separate from Ukraine and join Russia. US slaps sanctions that don't really mean shit on Russia... gives 1 billion dollars of aid to the Ukrainian government and then the EU comes right behind us and gives them another 15 billion. Nothing going on over there is making much sense to be honest... it's a huge mess and America needs to back off... let NATO and the EU handle that mess and get back to handling the current mess in our own country.. That's what I know and what I think.
  4. History always repeats itself, only this time, with more people and weapons, more is at stake when everything crumbles.
    If you look back in history, all great empires fall and 90% of the time it is over something stupid. People need to learn to accept each other and be civil...
    But we all know that isn't going to happen. When it comes to this world, these people, the hate... World peace is a pipe dream.
  5. Agreed
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  6. I have a feeling that I should care about it, yet I have even more feelings that I shouldn't care about it because at the end of the day it doesn't affect me, and it just happens while I'm just sitting at home watching anime and playing video games. Not like I can do a damn thing about it, nor would there even be justification.
  7. I admit the US could have a lot to lose, but they certainly have leverage themselves. It's in their interests to acquire Ukraine as an ally for the same reasons Russia are invading and dismissing the newly formed government. Russia are pretty desperate because there is thousands of miles of oil pipelines beneath Ukraine, and if they were compromised, how big of a financial backlash could Russia face? It also explains why Russia can get away with what is a very rash invasion that would be punished if it were anyone else. Why? Because the majority of Russian oil exports are to Europe.

    People need to think of countries as companies. They're businesses.
  8. I hate to do this...

    But I've got some bad news for you... EVERYTHING is a business, including your birth. You are an object to the ones in power, nothing more. You actually have more active freedom in a sense than us American's have. The whole process of birth, the ssn, birth certificate... Its all just labels to say we are owned property of the US. Yeah I likely sound crazy, but read into it, it'd blow your mind.
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  10. The entire American economy is at risk.. oil won't do much good if the dollar collapses. I agree that it would be good to get that power and asset out of Russian hands.. I just think that NATO and the EU could handle it from this point forward but Obama (and I support most of what he's done or tried to do in this country) keeps sticking his nose out there.
  11. I don't know where you're getting your information from, but it must be exaggerated media, because I don't think the entire American economy is at risk at all. It's more America sticking their nose in than Obama, and it's a nose that if you stick in far enough and succeed, then you can not only get vast financial reward, but significant power over Russia.
  12. I agree I have read many things about this. I have actually looked into sovereignty and possibly going through the process. I know a person doing it now who is about 75% through it. He has offered to help me once he finishes.
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  13. We, nor anyone else, will ever have any power over Russia as long as China is behind them.
  14. #Crayluminati
  15. #endtimes
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  16. The U.S. has absolutely no credibility. We say, there will be consequences for Benghazi, then CNN scores an interview with the lead suspect and nothing comes out of it. We tell Russia " There will be consequences if you give Asylum to Snowden (whether or not you think he is a hero is up to you) Russia does, and we do nothing. We tell Russia don't make nuclear weapons or there will be consequences, they do, and nothing. It's getting to the point people are just rolling their eyes at us every time we puff our chest.
  17. Because our chest is about as big as Zach Gowen's.
  18. Quite the contrary really. I'll give Obama major credit for making the call about the Bin Laden deal, but he is more timid compared to the over zealous Bush.
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  19. I agree.. I give him major props for the Bin Laden thing and I agree that he is timid most of the time... a little too timid really... but I think he is really pushing this for some reason.... something doesn't feel right to me. I don't know.. I could possibly be wrong.
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  20. We'll see, but I expect more of the same from us as a country, all talk, no action.
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