Has anyone heard this myth or is this a true fact?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by TheShowoffChick, May 22, 2012.

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  1. I had a little chat with someone the other day about wrestling. This guy has been watching wrestling for 30 some odd years and he said there was this video of a religious person talking some crap about wwe, but at the time the video was made it was wwf and years later it was posted on Youtube(obviously around the time Youtube was created) He heard that the man was on a news cast talking some pure crap about it, and someone recorded it and later on posted it on the web.This man suposed have been calling it trashy and everything.I googled this video and couldn't find it nowhere.

    The only story I have about a religious person bashing wwe(F) is when I went to a house show and a preacher was on the sidewalk in front of the arena preaching to us that we were gonna go to hell for watching it and that were all sinners. I have nothing against religion I just want to know if the myth about the religious person being on tv bashing wwe was true or not.
  2. Probably a complete myth. I've never heard of such a story.
  3. I'm sure a preacher has bashed wrestling at some point before, regardless of whether they've done it on TV or not.
  4. Some preachers will bash anything they think is unholy
  5. Preachers be crazy! They preach against anything probably to get themselves attention

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