Has anyone here met irl?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Nickelodeon, Feb 7, 2014.

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  1. Self explanatory. Does anyone know each other irl, or have at least met in person? I haven't, but don't worry Arab, I'm coming for you one day.

    I'm sure all you UKFags have, since your country is smaller than Gohan's dick (that's saying something.)
  2. @Xanth and I cuddle all the time at mine. He lives with me.
  3. Can't say I have.
  4. Yup @TheInevitable24 and I are boys. Check out the photo of him with D-Bry.
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  6. mark and I mate, also I was with Crayo last month
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  7. @deth @WarMachine lets meet up and spend Sunday night drinking and stuff
  8. I have met everyone. I am Black Zeus, I am everyone's father.
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  9. He's in Cali too? :yay:
  10. Black Zeus: is everyone's father, and the master at not paying Child Support.
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  11. LA :gusta:
  12. @Big Boss @ deth @ war machine you guys are in cali? nice
  13. 619 in here. If we do have a party, I get the feeling I'm the one that has to shove you guys in the car and drive from the police.
  14. I met Aids once since I bought a 360 off of him lol
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  15. lol it's not a party till the cops get involved just ask jim duggan and the iron shiek
    619 used to cover the high desert, victorville/barstow i used to stay out there. i'm guessing you're san diego area.
  16. Liquid is my broski. No one else though :emoji_cry:

    But, I'm moving to San Diego in about 3-4 years so if any of you are in that area. :hogan:
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