Has Anyone Here Seen Every WWF/E PPV In History?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, Nov 4, 2014.

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  1. I'm wondering because with the Network around and an entire database of PPV events just staring me directly in the face, there's this very luring temptation to marathon every single PPV event in order, from the very first Wrestlemania to Hell In A Cell last month. I added it up and that's 303 shows that I would have to watch before completion. That means if you watched one a day and didn't skip a day or watch one more than once, it would take you literally to about the middle of September of next year before you completed this marathon.

    I've seen probably 75-80% of the PPVs at least once before (most of the ones I missed were during my off period from wrestling from 2006-2011), but can anyone (other than Vince McMahon himself, of course) say that they've seen literally EVERY PPV in history at some point or another?
  2. Well, I would ever think of doing this, but I know a guy who might've, or at least is trying. But it really takes a lack of stuff to do to attemp this.
  3. lel wouldn't want to
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  4. Can't claim that. But thanks to OSW review I have seen recaps of every single hulkamania era ppv. Comedy and goofyness highlighted ofc.
  5. OP is a nerd.
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  6. You say that like it's a bad thing. Also pretty ironic coming from you. :pity:
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  7. I haven't , doubt I'd be able to either in all honesty.
  8. I expected you to be the one who might have done it Lock. Nope, I haven't and never intend to. Seen a grip of the early-late 90s but have no interested in seeing them all. I have considered watching some of the RA era stuff to see what the hype was all about, but not anytime soon.
  9. Can't say I have, but I have debated re-watching every Smackdown & every WCW Monday Nitro. However, it isn't exactly possible because they only have about 5-12 shows listed for ever year. Pretty upsetting.
  10. Youtube has most every Nitro, or did at least.

    Couple of years ago I went back and started watching Nitros around the time of Hall's debut. so much different shit happening on those shows. The young undercard talent alone is great, but the NWO angle takes it over the top.
  11. Even if Youtube took them down I'm sure WW would probably have them. However, I just wanted to be able to sit down and watch them in-front of the TV. That's one of the selling points of the Network for me, but it's useless if they fail to have all of the episodes listed.
  12. I've seen a large majority of them definitely not all of them though, now in regards to how much I remember them well that's a completely different story.
  13. Let's see, there is 'Bones', 'Criminal Minds', 'Numbers' and ' The Big Bang Theory'.
    What do each of those shows have in common? They each revolve around a genius with an IQ of at least 180.
    They each make money doing what they love and getting all the credit for it.
    Sorry, brah. History has pretty much proven that the kids that hit the books went on to be successful, while the 'others' are simply not.

    To answer to the original question, I have not.
    I could try, but would simply find better things to stimulate me.
    I get bored very easily. It would be a noble thing to try, but the boredom would be too much to try and overcome.
  14. No, but I don't think I would want to. For every good WWE PPV there is 4 bad ones.
  15. Do not need an IQ that high to be sucessful in life bro.
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  16. *successful :hmmm:
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  17. There's actually even still a few PPVs from the Attitude Era that I haven't seen (Cold Day In Hell '97, Ground Zero '97, D-X '97, Over The Edge '99.) The video store I used to rent from when I was a kid never carried the first three for some reason and by the time I got internet access to watch them I no longer really cared enough to seek them out. Over The Edge was never even released on VHS at all on account of Owen Hart falling to his death.
  18. CDIH was pretty bland as were most In Your House PPVs in '97
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