Has anyone topped Austin's run in 2001?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by seabs, Mar 21, 2013.

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  1. From a quality stand point did anyone tear things up like the Texas Rattlesnake did that year?

    Great matches? Check.





    and my personal favorite his match with HHH at NWO 01


    Great promos? Check.




    Varying it up? Check.

    He went from the rattlesnack bad ass we all knew and loved into a desperate man who sold his soul to become the WWF champion and conquer his demons into a more comedic role into the paranoid leader of the alliance and back to his rattlesnake role in a year.

    Drawing? Check.

    He was the top dog around this time, especially when Rock wasn't around.

    So has anyone had a better year than Steve in 01 when all things are considered?
  2. From a storyline perspective, Austin in 1998 was by far his best year. But 2001 was one of the best single years that anyone has had in terms of in-ring work. Sadly, it would be his last great or good year. Once he went back to being a face late in the year, everything went downhill and I wouldn't really consider him to have a great match again until his retirement with The Rock at Wrestlemania X-9. Not to mention Austin became bitter with the creative team, though most of it was justified.

    His heel turn was considered a flop, but I still enjoyed it. Like a movie that bombed at the box office but you still enjoyed it even if most others didn't (that was how someone elsewhere put it, but I'm gonna steal it and quote it here since it fits perfectly.)
  3. The Angle/Vince/Austin backstage segments were some of the funniest things I've ever seen in wrestling. Angle and Austin trying to outdo each other for Vince's approval was just magic.
  4. Stone Cold best year was in 1998! He vs. HBK, Undertaker,Mick F., Kane and won then all!
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