Has Cena v Sandow ended then?

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  1. Are we meant to forget that Sandow cut a promo a couple of weeks ago saying he wants to 'end the Cena era'? I was so hyped for this feud as it could bring the best out of both wrestlers. But now they look set to do ADR v Cena at Survivor Series, and the commentary team never mention Sandow during a WHC segment.
  2. Sandow is still referencing it on Main event and Smackdown. They seem to be just getting ADR out of the way.
  3. Cena will beat ADR and then we'll probably get Cena vs Sandow.
  4. It should be a triple threat match at SS IMO. I hope it does happen.
  5. Well I'm guessing the match at SS is ADR's official rematch clause so he can lose and hopefully be out of the picture. After that I'm guessing we'll get Sandow.
  6. Yes forget about it, sweet prince.
  7. I think it'll end up being a triple threat at SS or we'll see just Cena vs ADR, with Cena then moving on to Sandow at the next PPV.
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  8. The way I see it is Cena blowing through ADR at Survivor Series and then we'll get a triple threat between Cena, Del Rio and Sandow at TLC (a triple threat ladder match between them would be awesome), which will then transition into a one-on-one encounter between Cena and Sandow at the Royal Rumble.
  9. This would work really well and I think they should go this way it'd be entertaining and I think at some point maybe TLC Cena v Del Rio v Sandow will happen
  10. Yeah, the only explanation is that they're holding it off until Del Rio loses the rematch (this rematch thing is kinda stupid, kinda ruins the flow of storylines sometimes), then Sandow will get his shot. It'll be great.
  11. I think Del Rio will get the match and then Sandow will cash in after a brutal match against ADR. Then Cena will get the rematch and there the feud will begin
  12. Figured the answer was "yes", but unless someone turns it'll pretty much have to be Cena vs Sandow. Looking at the current heels who aren't a part of the Authority angle (keep Cena away from that, please), none of them are anywhere near credible to go against Cena (maybe Mark Henry again, if we forget that whole face turn ever happened). Sandow may not be credible enough, but it'll at least make sense for them to feud.
  13. is henry back anytime soon? He is one of a few guys i really never know about. I get bork has a certain # of appearances setup, is it the same with Henry? Or does dude just get injured like no one's business. I only ask because i've seen countless ratings points proving Henry draws.
  14. He's always hurt, yeah.
  15. Here's to hoping that the WH title goes to Sandow, but Hoff thinks that's doubtful. Regardless, should be an interesting program. :angry:
  16. lol RAW confirmed it's over
  17. WWE doesn't believe Sandow is championship material I guess.
  18. I was pretty sure this was going to take place, but with Sandow just losing to Ziggler (nothing against Dolph obv, but you know) I'm not really sure. I'll just wait to see how it goes.
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