Has Cody improved the standing of the IC title?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by seabs, Mar 15, 2012.

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  1. Sure he's a great talent but is the title in any better stand than it was before? It's barely defended and never seems to be the centre point of a feud.
  2. No, for the reasons you've mentioned.

    -Won title from Zeke with no build
    -Mini-feud with Dibiase after they split up
    -Started feuding with Orton and the IC title was put on backburner
    -Debuted old school IC title again (cool)
    -Feud with Booker that had nothing to do with IC title
    -Started talking about becoming WHC/was in EC
    -Lame feud with Big Show

    So no, not really.
  3. NO! He sould be vsing Goldust at this year WM28 for the IC!
  4. Blame Teddy for not putting him in any matches.
  5. It is down to booking tbh.
  6. Still Teddy's fault.
  7. How is it? You can blame him for a lot of things but the booking of shows ?
  8. That's booking. You can't blame Cody for booking. He's done as much as he can to bring prestige about it. Most people on here want to see Rhodes speak every weak, wrestle every weak. Long time since we've said that about an IC champion.

    He's being sarcastic dude. Though he's right, Teddy's fault :tagteammatch:
  9. I wasn't blaming Rhodes for not adding to the prestige, simply stating that he hasn't.
  10. Do you not think he has one bit? Can you honestly say you don't look forward to his segments, regardless of the shitty booking creative give him? He's had a feud with Booker which helped him I think.
  11. I enjoy Rhodes but for the majority of his reign the IC belt has been a prop/afterthought.
  12. No. Despite how much he's elevated himself, that title still feels completely pointless.
  13. If you elevate yourself you elevate the title with it. In my opinion anyway.
  15. IT IS. :tagteammatch:
  16. PIPEBOMB :pity:
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