Has Damien Sandow pissed off someone?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Dec 29, 2013.

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  1. Has Damien Sandow pissed off someone? so he loses the good santa/bad santa thing and then on tribute to the troops he is jobbed out to the Big Show WTF
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    Still waiting for Sandow to attempt to "end the Cena era" like he promised. That feud would get the best out of both guys, and even if Cena came out on top, Sandow looks good just by going against him.
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  3. While watching the Good Santa vs Bad Santa match I had a thought...
    "Damien Sandow went from being MITB winner to THIS? Why?"

    Then, I had an Idea.....Maybe they have something planned for WM or After WM for him.....
    Not sure why he's being jobbed out....Same with Ziggler (Even though Ziggler is a great guy at selling moves), He won a title, lost it to Del Rio and He gets relegated to Job Duty....Why? Backstage Politics.....The Guy had great Momentum until all these stories about him having attitude backstage.....then they Jobbed him out to people like Sandow.

    I do hope Sandow gets back onto the WWE Title Scene.....Any Title will do....

    Ziggler and Sandow as Tag Champs, They're name? Job Squad 2.0
  4. They're both meaningless shows.

    The santa one is for christmas, it's comedy. Tribute to the troops, irrelevant for their weekly programming. Chill out.
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  5. Sandow will be fine. He's a guy who's shown what he can do and that he can carry a storyline. He had the "bad luck" of winning the WHC MITB briefcase and being assigned the task of losing his cash-in (which had been set up by Cena losing his the previous year). But he's locked as a heel when we've got a bunch of faces vying for the main event scene. He'll be returning to that level soon.

    I'd be more worried about Ziggler, to be honest. In fact, I am.

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  6. I don't see anything to be surprised about here. I enjoy Sandow's character and mic work but his gimmick isn't exactly one that I would ever expect to propel him past the midcard. Take a look at other intellectual snobby gimmicks from the past like The Genius and Chris Nowinski and look at how far they made it up the card. I love the gimmick, but it's a pretty easy and generic gimmick to play and just screams midcard. Sandow is the perfect example of an undercard heel who's gonna spend most of his feuds and matches doing jobs, I'm afraid to say.
  7. What Lockard said, Slim Shady had an argument about this.

    His current role is really perfect. There are so many people they should be pushing instead of another old guy, especially one in Sandow who won't be THAT much bigger of a draw in the ME scene as he is in the mid-card. Just use him as the heel Santino, give him the mic and let him get a bunch of cheap heat before quickly jobbing and getting easy face heat on some new faces.
  8. Tribute to the Troops and the Christmas shows where faces win the majority of matches. If I'm correct, only one heel has ever one a match at Tribute to the Troops
  9. Pointless thread. The dude has constant work and he's putting food on the table at home. He's fine.
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  10. I don't think a wrestling forum is your sort of thing, mate.
  11. I disagree he is a great wrestling forumer.

    BLFFL on the other hand...
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  12. A while ago, we were talking about how the WWE title will be booked in the future or something along those lines, and he basically said "just enjoy it and stop trying to guess what will happen"...
  13. I agree he deserves biggest WWE Mark award but he's still a cool bro.
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  14. Its a lot more enjoyable if you just take things as they come IMO you can't predict the WWE direction so don't get too upset if it doesnt follow your perfect plan.
  15. You have to be a pretty hardcore smarky retard to get bent out of shape when WWE doesn't follow things how you want... and I sincerely doubt anyone gets what they want all the time unless you are a 6 year old Cena fan.

    I think its fairly easy to balance speculating on what might happen and taking what actually happens in stride.
  16. That's what we were doing: speculating.
  17. At times sure but look at the butthurt when Bryan lost MITB as an example.
  18. DB marks can smd honestly. They are so spoiled and still bitch all the time
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  19. This forum was fucking appalling the day after MITB.
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  20. I don't think eating pussy is your sort of thing, mate.
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