Has Daniel Bryan done anything to make you think he's the BITW

Discussion in 'RAW' started by seabs, Jan 4, 2013.

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  1. Based on his WWE work? He's had one really good match with Punk and that's it, there hasn't been anything truly breathtaking currently (note were ignoring anything pre wwe for now)
  2. Nope, which is why I find it puzzling why so many mark out for him to the point where he should apparently be the WWE Champion or be a possible candidate to break (or at least challenge) Undertaker's streak. Of course, I don't keep up with any wrestling companies except WWE so I don't know (or care) who truly qualifies as 'the best in the world.'

    Diehard Bryan marks can be some of the most annoying marks.
  3. WWE isn't booking him the way he should be booked and he deserves a lot more than what he gets...
    It's always kinda difficulty to decide who the BITW is because there are so many aspects.

    Best WRESTLER? Bryan
    Best Talker? Punk
    Best Draw? Cena
  4. If you think about it, he pulled off a good match with Sheamus as Extreme Rules and after that Punk.
  5. You could argue that him never having a "bad match" in WWE is a factor of him being the BITW.
  6. His match with Sheamus at ER and his matches with Punk proves that he is what his fans say he is.
  7. It's hard to ignore pre WWE for me because that's where I first watched and grew to like him. I'll try to be objective here. Looking at the other members of the roster, for him to come in with none of the casuals knowing who he is and to do what he has done is mighty impressive. His stuff with Cole was entertaining for what it was. Shortly after he becomes the US Champ. Aligns with AJ and makes her more important then she ever could've been on her own IMO. After becoming the WHC he slow burned into a heel with a simple chant at first. It's become the hottest chant in WWE right now. He hasn't had a bad match yet. His match with Punk sans AJ is a MOTY candidate for 2012. Then came all the hilarious Team Hell No/Goat face stuff. All in all that's a pretty good freakin' resume for such a short amount of time. Other than Punk's reign, who else has done more?
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  8. Exactly what I was saying on TS, so many people who claim Bryan is BITW haven't even seen his Indy work and I have no idea what he has done in 'E that has justified calling him that.
  9. His match vs Dolph at Bragging Right 2010 is my favorite.
  10. Vs Sheamus @ ER was fantastic as well know I think about it.
  11. He always has good matches, his in ring skills are great, he's over with the crowd, and he has good mic skills, that's pretty much why for his WWE stuff.
  12. I remember his Ziggler series from 2010. Also, I remember him carrying The Miz to a great match, in 2010. If that doesn't classify him as the BITW, I don't know what does. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  13. DB is the most over guy I have seen since the AE.
  14. He's wrestled the best, therefore the best in the world. This is my opinoin
  15. What a joke of a statement
  16. Based on his work in WWE I would not call DB the best in the world. I think that's because WWE has bans on certain maneuvers, plus he wrestles most of the week, so it's good to be conservative in the long run. I think a WWE title run might push him further like we saw in the match with Punk. Why use all the good stuff for low class titles.
  17. :finger:
  18. I rarely see a DB hater, RARELY..
    Face or Heel it doesn't matter, everyone like him ..men, kids, women...

    Best wrestler in the company now, awesome mic skills , great entertainer and funny as hell.

    I stand by my word, There has never been a superstar more over since SCSA.
  19. Stand by it if you want, it still doesn't make you any less wrong. I am far from a Bryan hater, I enjoy him more than most in WWE. But he is far far far far far from the most over since the AE. He isn't even the most over right now ffs.
  20. Well, given that I don't watch much from outside the WWE (only TNA pretty much), so given that he's probably the best in-ring competitor in the WWE, is over and entertains me in the mic as well, so he's one of the best there. Can't say BITW.
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