Has GoldDust been released?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, May 5, 2012.

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  2. What difference would it make anyway. Can't remember the last time he was on TV.
  3. The fact that the guy basically was in charge or the divas division and if he had actually gotten a final feud with his real life brother Cody it would have put Cody over like a baus.
  4. A last feud with Cody would've been amazing, he could still go in the ring. But it's the WWE, right?
  5. Well I, like many others, were holding on to a potential brother vs brother feud.
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  6. Hmm wonder why he got released???
  7. Too old? Not worthy? Pot? :matt:
  8. Cody Rhodes vs GoldDust would have been much greater and much more meaningful than having The Big Show against Cody Rhodes.
  9. I'll miss his twitter rants. He blocked people who openly admitted to not believing in God. Lmao.
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  10. lmao hes his brother. i thought they were father and son, or uncle and nephew.


    Is that what you did and he blocked you?
  11. Nope. They are half brothers. Both sons of Dusty Rhodes. Goldust being the older by maybe ten years or so.
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