Has HAVOK's Knockouts Championship Reign Come To an End?

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    Match #1:​

    Knockout’s Championship​

    Taryn Terrell vs. Gail Kim vs. Havok (c)​

    Gail unloads on Havok at the opening bell. Havok fends her off, but Taryn is quick to attack. Taryn and Gail try double teaming the Knockout’s Champion, but Havok proves too powerful. She dominates the early goings of the match by countering a bulldog attempt from Gail into a slam onto Taryn.

    Havok focuses her attack; she powers Taryn to the mat. When she rises, out of nowhere, Gail locks in an octopus submission. Gail tightens her grip, which brings Havok to one knee. Gail adjusts her hold again and Havok falls completely. Taryn recovers and bridges with a submission of her own.

    Gail and Taryn break their holds and send Havok out of the ring. Taryn attempts a cross-body from apron; Havok catches her. Gail flies, connecting with a cross body of her own, and all three women are down.

    Gail and Taryn fight back into the ring and square off against one another! They enjoy a good run, until Havok regroups and pulls Taryn from the ring. She has Taryn on her shoulders. Taryn connects with a few shots to Havok’s head, but Havok powers her face-first into the guardrail!!!

    Gail tries to unseat Havok, but Havok catches her and, as she’s done many times before, powers Gail to the arena floor! The champion tosses her opponents into the ring, lies them side by side, and then she climbs the ropes. Havok crashes onto Gail and Taryn with a big splash!

    Havok attempts a double cover, but Gail kicks out to break the count. Gail and Taryn battle back. Together, they hang Havok over the top rope. Gail climbs the turnbuckle and drops a leg across the back of Havok’s head. Havok falls to the outside. Taryn catches Gail with a baseball slide.

    Gail and Taryn fight around the ring until Taryn gets Gail into position for a superplex. Before Taryn can execute, Havok is back – to powerbomb Taryn (who in turn suplexes Gail). Havok drapes the women on top of one another – and again she climbs the ropes. This time, she misses the splash.

    Gail and Taryn fire back! Gail catches Havok with a DDT, and then a moonsault. Taryn connects with a flying cross body to Havok. Gail connects with Eat Defeat and Taryn hits the cutter. Havok is down; Taryn goes for the pin. Gail pulls Taryn out of the pin and attempts one of her own. Taryn counters and gets Gail for three to become the new Knockout’s Champion!

    Winner: Taryn Terrell



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