Has NXT become a brand viable to RAW and SD?

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Cloud, Mar 19, 2015.

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  1. Simple question really where you ranking NXT?
  2. NXT > RAW/SmackDown
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  3. NXT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Raw and etc. Extremely superior product.
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  4. If we're going viewers.. I mean it has to be RAW > NXT = SD.

    If we're going straight quality of product.. I'd say it looks like this NXT > RAW > SD

    Either way yes it's viable to RAW & SD!
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  5. In terms of sheer quality maybe. But the quality of a product is completely subjective and down to the personal taste of the viewer.

    Objectively, if NXT were put up against Raw or Smackdown on weekly television, it would get absolutely slaughtered in the ratings. According to George Barrios (Chief Financial Officer for the WWE) a few months back, it can't even outdraw Main Event on the Network: http://www.allwrestlingnews.com/wwe...network-content-password-sharing-subscribers/
  6. If I'm being completely honest, Main Event has had some decent episodes out of the last three months, plus you see a lot of people that you don't normally see on the flagship shows because they don't really have any storyline.. The 2/17 episode & the 3/10 episode in particular were fairly entertaining.
  7. Fuck the viewership of RAW and SmackDown, NXT would still be/is way waaay better when it comes to the product.
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  8. I would go a bit further by pointing out NXT doesn't get the exposure or advertising of the main roster and that is likely why main event gets better ratings.

    Honestly, I didn't watch it for the longest time and I'm always looking for more wrestling to watch. It was the guys here at the forum that convinced me to watch it and I'm glad they did.

    But when stories on Raw and Smackdown overflow into Main Event, it's no surprise that Main Event has more viewers.
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  9. no lol. it is small potatoes geared toward marks. If it gets bigger the product will change and said marks will start to bitch and lose interest.
  10. It's Levesque's own indie dream and that's about it.
  11. Remember when CM Punk said "the business would be better when Vince McMahon is dead?"

    NXT is a pure, god-given example of that.
  12. Again, there is a lot more going into why people like NXT than just no Vince. If NXT was on a larger scale, you wouldn't enjoy it as much. HHH knows who is watching NXT and he knows what you want to see. It is a very small audience and he can easily cater the show for you. If NXT grew and became bigger they would start to change the show for a wider audience and broader appeal.

    I did LOL at the bolded part though. Forget JBL, HHH is the true wrestling god.
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  13. Truer words might never be spoken. The appeal of NXT is the small scale production and match focus that appeals to the only ones of us that watch it. To put it on a larger scale would push away those fans.

    I've thought before that it is deliberately a consolation offering to the fans who don't watch WWE because of the storyline and production focus. Like WWE is telling them: "you don't watch us because you don't think we are wrestling focused? How can you say that? Haven't you watched NXT? No?! Well you should! It's on the WWE Network for only..."
  14. Triple H understands NXT attracts the independent fans who want to follow guys like Kevin Steen, El Generico and Pac through their careers. They tend to that audience rather than the brands that attract casual fans like RAW and SmackDown. NXT would be a total drain of money, time and resources if it were to be on a big stage in big arenas on a major TV network. Quality wise, it will without a doubt drop if more and more "casual" fans that watch RAW and SmackDown began watching. They make up the majority of wrestling's audience and NXT will have to tend to them and it will all be over. It's good where it's at, it's good for those people who know everyone their and their roots, without that it ain't much.
  15. While I do check NXT from time to time, I always get that vibe of pretentiousness from the show, it makes me kind of uncomfortable.
  16. It's a bit of both.

    It is a brand in the sense that it is used to help sell the network to hardcore fans who want to see guys like Steen, Devitt and such.

    But it is still mainly a developmental tool, with the goal to get talent onto the show to gain experience in front of cameras before they get called up.
  17. Obviously not from a ratings/popularity standpoint and all of that, but if I'm going to try to get anyone into pro wrestling, I'd show them NXT. Don't see what about that show "only appeals to hardcore fans".
  18. I don't think it appeals more towards "hardcore fans" necessarily, I think it draws the attention of independent fans who maybe drift away from the mainstream brands like raw and smack down, but still stay loyal to WWE.

    But, as NXT continues to grow, I am sticking by the fact that ten show isn't good because there is a small audience, it's good because Triple H runs the show himself, and there isn't anyone better who Can run the show than the game.
  19. I'd like to start out by just saying that I am a big fan of what NXT has been doing.

    Now - to compare it to RAW, SD, and even ME is a little ridiculous as NXT as a brand is only in it's, what, 2nd or 3rd year. While other shows have been on for a long time and have (roughly) the same time spot they've always had. Give it time.

    I see 2 aspects of it though:
    1. Quality of in-ring entertainment - NXT has this category by a mile as of late.
    2. Size of roster - this is where NXT is lacking in comparison to the flagship shows but when you are doing a much shorter show every week it is harder to notice. But then again they have started bringing in the "indy" talent (i.e. Rhyno and The Kendrick) to help spice things up in the roster

    I'm excited to see when these NXT guys get to move up and see how they do. That can also be a curse though. Look at Big E and Xavier Woods - both cornered in a stable and not going anywhere. The Ascension - I was so pumped to see them move up and they ain't done shit. But then The Shield and The Wyatts all came from NXT as well. So its about a 50/50 success rate at this point I think.

    A big hope of mine is that the AMAZING divas matches that take place in NXT find their way to RAW/SD as the NXT female talent moves up as well. They didn't work out so well for Emma - but I was never a big fan of hers anyway.
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