Has The WWE Become More About "Causes" ?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Neptune, Oct 15, 2015.

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  1. I am noticing a pattern now. Every year, they seem to be further and further sliding the company into the cesspool of sympathy marketing. What is sympathy marketing? Ask Susan G. Koman. Ask the "Be A Star" campaigns.

    The top businesses know that the way to go, the way to really make the big bucks, is through getting clean cut donations because they aren't taxed. Most donations and charities only give 50% of their earning to the cause, but they go as low as 7%.

    So imagine donating $1,000 to a good cause to find out only $70 went to the cause.

    I am losing respect for the company. I have no respect for Stephanie once so ever, and I haven't had respect for HHH since he sold out his individuality to the McMahon family. I am all for good causes but to shove a company down the throats of your fans week in and out, claiming they are fighting and doing nothing but good is scam artistry at its finest. Why not back legit charities? Oh, that is because you can lay in bed with them to rake in more money.

    This is just a reminder that the WWE is all business now. The parts we, the fans, enjoy well... That is only 7% of what they do.
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  2. You kind of answered your own question there.
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  3. Yes, because I believe they are. I was asking everyone else lol
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