Has TNA helped or hindered Sting's legacy?

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    From Venice Beach, California, weighing 222 pounds... he is the Icon Stinnnnnnnnnnngggg!​

    Now let's speculate for a minute or two say Sting never signed with TNA how does his legacy stand up to how it is today? TNA kept him on National TV from 2005 I think it was, he held multiple world titles and always was in or around the main attention on the 2nd show in North America. However would he have been better off walking away from wrestling as a whole in 2001 after WCW went bust? Would him going to the WWE over shadow his legacy to you or is the face he never worked for Vince not a vital aspect for you?
  2. I don't think it's hindered it in any way. I don't blame him for not going to WWE before considering the points he made about it in 2001 (Didn't trust how he would be used, would feel like starting over, etc.) but at this point in his life, I still hope he ends up there eventually for his retirement. People can say they hope he retires without ever working under the rule of Vince McMahon and the banner of the WWE but that would have only been admirable to me if NWA/WCW still existed since that's where his main legacy lies. But NWA/WCW is no more, and all the footage of him is owned by WWE. Might as well go there then to close out your career since at least then they can mention and tie in his legacy (through video packages and stuff) to his retirement match (which would have been perfect with the Undertaker at Wrestlemania, but that match is but a fantasy now.)
  3. Helped of course, and those who think the other way are blind marks and WWE fanboys.

    Should he have joined the WWE in 2011, that's another story/thread.

    TNA stayed on Spike because they got Sting.
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