Has WWE changed forever after MITB?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by WWG, Jul 15, 2013.

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  1. MITB was quite good but has WWE changed after the event? For me not really, not at all.
  2. What is this CHANGE you speak of?
  3. Not at all. Them pushing Orton ofc. He didnt fucking need MITB. Bryan should have won, Gave Cena notice for their match at Summerslam to prove he isnt the weakest link.

  4. You say Orton didn't need the briefcase but everyone complains that currently his character feels stale and he just goes from one half-hearted, mid-card feud to another. Bryan, however, is shit hot atm and over with fans. For this reason, you could say that Bryan did not need the MITB contract.
  5. Odd question.
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  6. Bryan needed the push a lot for than Orton. Bryan has had one shitty WHC reign and look at Orton's what 10 title reigns. Orton doesnt need to be in the title scene right now imo. His character isnt going to get better from winning MITB
  7. My answer is no because of one reason. They'll keep fucking up a lot more storylines.
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  9. :christian:
  10. Puke puke puke
  11. Orton winning>Cena winning last year. This will actually lead to a good feud. :true:
  12. I actually prefer Cena winning, We got 2 Cena/PUnk matches from it
  13. But... we might get Heel Orton from this. And a DB Main Event run in the future. Either way I like it.
  14. Cena/Punk >>> Heel Orton

  15. Bryan can still get a push even without the MITB lol..

    Don't get me wrong, I also would have preferred if Bryan won, but some of you are acting like because he didn't, he's automatically going to get 'buried' and join 3MB or something, lol. Even I'm not that negative. :dawg:
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  16. I prefered Bryan to win but Orton winning and feuding win Cena is the best way for Orton to turn heel imo

  17. In my opinion, it isn't. Not that I have an issue with Orton winning but Cena is hated by half the audience and Orton is one of the most beloved on the show and so you'd only get deafening cheers if Orton cashed in on Cena.

    The best way to turn Orton heel would be to cash in on another hot baby face like Daniel Bryan. Imagine if Bryan was given a title shot against Cena, not because he won the briefcase or because he wins some random tournament or #1 contender's match, but rather because he's been on a roll lately with victories over Sheamus and Orton and The Shield and even looking like he had the match won last night before Axel interfered. He wins the title, then Orton cashes in. That's one way to do it.
  18. true. forgot Cena was hated lol
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