Has WWE Dropped The Ball With Rhodes?

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  1. After watching Wrestlemania 27 again this afternoon, I remembered how WWE dropped the ball with Cody Rhodes.

    We start with Legacy in 2009, Rhodes was just lingering in this team until Backlash where he Main Evented the show and won, Yes it was with Orton and Ted but he still won a main event on PPV, He started to show star power here, For the next few months he was Orton's henchman until Summerslam time where he feuded with one of the biggest guys in the company HHH with Ted, Even though they lost they had a big match with DX at Summerslam and then won at Breaking Point which for them was a massive win beating former world champions and HOF/Future HOFers, They then Main Evented another PPV with DX in a solid bout with some really good storytelling with Trips being locked out of the cell. After this match it seemed Rhodes and Ted were going to be pushed even further after proving they could put on solid-great matches on PPV..... That never happened, They went from main event to not even booked to a stupid interference to apologising to Orton with a car. It ruined all momentum for them and stupid booking not to even give them a title shot against Jeri-Show, At SS they were again just thrown into an elimination match of Team Orton Vs Team Kingston which needed more build, Then AGAINwere not booked for TLC and were not doing anything, In a matter of a few months they went from Main Event to nothing. Then we go to the Royal Rumble at this point we had DX as Tag Team Champions and Legacy doing nothing, Why not rebuild this feud? Why not give them the titles? DX then dropped them the next week to Show-Miz which is basically a thrown together team with no meaning. Legacy were then thrown into the WWE Title match costing Orton the title and then again at Elimination Chamber, This lead to Orton Vs Ted Vs Rhodes with Orton winning, WHY DID RHODES OR TED NOT GO OVER?!?!? Not even a clean won, I would have taken a fluke or dirty win but Orton fucking won, That being said why weren't Rhodes and Ted been facing Show-Miz? Why build them up against DX to go nowhere and just get thrown into a loss to Orton. It was pointless.

    Now we have Rhodes, No team, No connections, No nothing. Thats exactly it, NOTHING. He was handed a big plate of nothing, He was then not booked on PPV for 3 months until he lost the MITB ladder match, Finally at Night Of Champions even though it was a thrown together team Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes won the tag titles which was at this point a dream team of wasted talent, This was a turning point! LOL NO! Cena wins:russo:, Yep after a dark match at Hell In A Cell in their first title defence Cena and Otunga took the titles for no reason other than "U R IN NUXES! U TEAM WIT HIM AND WIN!", Then he was thrown into a survivor series elimination match and lost, While all this was happening he had a great gimmick being wasted, May I add Drew and Rhodes never challenged for the titles again.

    Next chapter of our story, After months of not even dark matches on PPVs in a small meaningless Smackdown match a legitimate injury set off one of the best gimmicks in years, Rhodes had his nose broken and started a feud with Rey Mysterio, This gimmick was Grotesque Cody Rhodes, A broken man hiding his face from the public after a broken nose left he not dashing but grotesque, It was a very intriguing character and set up a feud with Rey, They then went on to produce my favourite match of Wrestlemania 27 which people have just forgotten about and thrown away, The match was awesome and they then produced another one at Extreme Rules, With Rhodes winning at Mania, In his home state in a great finish using the protective mask, You would think here they would continue the feud or push Rhodes, LOL :nope:

    Another chapter oh boy, After a loss at MITB we finally got somewhere, It only took a few months but he got a push, He won the Intercontinental Title, Then he brought back the lovely title we have now, He picked up a few wins with the title and signs of a future brewing, He was then defeated by Randy Orton (Theres a surprise), He then won as Team Barrett against Team Orton which had some backing to it at least, Here comes a new character, A cocky heel who after having his protective mask broke as regained his dashing looks, He then went onto feud with Booker T which in itself is a push, Then he lost and regained the title from Big Show in a stupid piece of booking and then lost it again to Christian.

    What I believe to be the final chapter, Lets go! Rhodes Scholars, Brilliantly booked team, They had awesome mic skills and worked great in ring, At TLC they won a Number One Contenders match for the tag team titles, This was it, They deserved this title match and they were going to win............ Nope. As much as I love Bryan and Kane this is what should have led to their demise as a team, They should have had lost and split up and feuded to Wrestlemania 29, Would you have rather seen the 5 minute match between Ziggy E Lee and Team Hell No or Bryan Vs Kane in a longer bout? But no. This didn't piss me off as much but still frustrating, This is where it beings to piss me off, They then were squashed by Tons Of Nobody Gives A Flying Funk, Then at Wrestlemania 29 they were cut, The next night they were squashed again, So let me get this straight, Two of talented up and comers were to be squashed by a couple of mid 30 year olds dancing? It was fucking stupid.

    The final chapter, Rhodes is now being used in a storyline but whats next for him? Its obvious at Battleground he will win and be reinstated but what the hell is next? They have dropped the ball so many times that I have no hope for the future with him.
  2. Well, it's not like they needed to give him a monster push back then due to his young age, but now is the time they need to start doing something. Even though I could careless about him, I still see money in him for some reason.
  3. He's still young, wtf? He still has time for a championship run.
  4. 1) Thanks, we also watched those PPVs.

    Going to what its important

    Cody Rhodes was perfectly booked at MITB. He got the perfect reaction and turned face. Then he got screwed. Match at SS against the guy who partnered with for the last 8 months or more. He got a solid SSlam match. Won on Raw against Damien. Which means that he defeated Damien twice. He then got fired because he had to get married.
    Instead of getting pushed to the WHC scene and jobbing to Rio or Gettin Damien cashed in doesnt matter... He got involved in the Corporation storyline. Exactly. Goldust returned, Dream was on RAW. He attacked the Shield and now, Goldust has got a new contract <--- Confirmed. Which means that he will likely go over at BG. Exactly, against the Shield on a PPV. Probably the first time the Shlied gets defeated on a PPV.

    Now, Cody goes over the Shield, has a short feud against them and...

    A) Gets the titles
    B) WHC Scene
    C) (I would love to see this) Goldust turns heel and we get an awesome feud that could finish at Rrumble or even WM.

    Its the Rhodes Dinasty BITCH
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  5. WWE didn't drop the ball with Rhodes. Rhodes is currently in the most intriguing feud right now. He's been doing just fine the last couple year's, he's been a solid mid-carder, then he got injured. Injuries always derail pushes. Cody Rhodes is still a young guy, you can't expect people to be catapulted to the main-event just like that, it takes time. Cody was never ready for the main-event, and he wasn't over enough to be a main-eventer.. Hopefully this feud helps get him over and he get's the push he deserves. Everybody knows how talented he is.
  6. The main point of this is explaining why I have no faith in the booking of Cody, He has been wasted too many times.
  7. I'm confused at your point. He's currently in one of the biggest storylines, and he could well be the man that Vince uses at Wrestlemania 30 to face HHH... :dafuq:
  8. 1. Its far from the biggest storyline
    2. Yeah of course they will use Rhodes :pity1:
    3. The point is the amount of times they have dropped the ball with him why wont this be the same?
  9. I'd agree completely if this was around three months ago. But after his face turn everything has been awesome. The feud with Damien, and now the guy is a main part of one of the biggest storylines (yes, it's one of the biggest storylines) and he's probably going to beat the Shield. I understand your hesitation, but I'm pretty sure Rhodes will be fine for now.

  10. What?The Rhodes family vs Mcmahons is far from the biggest storyline? :pity1:

    Rhodes got time off for his wedding/honeymoon, and honestly i expected him to be de-pushed or disappear altogether. He is coming back and having a huge match with his brother vs the shield, and we all know Vince will be back in the next 2-3 months to set up their deal, im betting Vince comes back for survivor series and Team HHH/Orton/Shield win. That will setup a build for God knows how long, and Cody will be one of the main players. It's much > than him just sitting around waiting for Sandow to cash in so he can start a feud up there.

    If you dont see him as a major part of this corporation angle, you havent been paying enough attention.

    "WWE is always dropping the ball, they're really awful and yet I CAN'T STOP WATCHING OR DISCUSSING IT ON THE INTERNET" - this thread.
  12. God you are annoying.

    I never said once in this thread that WWE was awful, If it was awful I wouldn't watch the product, Thats why I didn't watch TNA when that Immortal shit was going on. I enjoy certain parts about WWEs products and other parts not as much and one of the guys I like right now I believe they have dropped the ball with multiple times and thats the point of this thread, You coming into the thread making a dumb post leaving no further discussion is just pointless.
  13. He's been wasted too many times? How many times did it seem to you Cody was going to be pushed to the moon?
    I could have seen it once when he had the mask, but they took it off, so the only way I saw him being booked upper card was if he won MITB.
  14. It never seemed he was going to be pushed to the moon but there was times where he could have been pushed where I believe WWE Dropped the ball, Most recent example is Rhodes Scholars and his Big Show feud.
  15. Rhodes Scholar was just filler to me, but thank god we got it.
    And the Big Show storyline was a failure from the get go.

    Pretty much, I didn't see big things coming out of those two.
  16. My opinion is that after the Big Show feud he could have went on to bigger and better things but they just gave him the title back to lose it to Christian and Rhodes Scholars could have been great but their biggest accomplishment was beating Sheamus by roll up 2on1
  17. Cody and his brother got the big win last night so looks like hes back on track
  18. Not going to complain about any Rhodes for a while after that awesome win last night. Let's hope things go right now.
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