Has WWE Given Up On The Ascension?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Prince Bálor, Mar 21, 2015.

  1. Source: http://www.wrestlinginc.com/wi/news/2015/0321/591594/has-wwe-given-up-on-the-ascension/

    Why am I not surprised?
    I used to care about these guys, but when they got called up on the main roster... Well, it was all downhill from there.
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  2. Why were they called up?
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  3. They're perfect for NXT, should go back down there IMO..

    PTP >> Ascension
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  4. To get ruined?
  5. They were losing to a newly reformed Prime Time Players the last I saw of them, so I'd say their relevancy on the main roster is pretty much done. Jobbing to the jobbers is not how you book a pair of powerhouses that you want to be taken seriously, not to mention ten other straight losses in a row.
  6. There was no storyline for them when they were called up and I don't foresee any credible/good ones for them anytime in the near future so I mean I'm not sure what good it does to have them on the main roster.. put them in SmackDown or Main Event exclusive storylines or something.. geeze.
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  7. Yeah, having random squash matches wasn't gonna cut it, obviously. They'd better not treat the upcoming NXT guys like they've been doing with The Ascension.
  8. Yeah the squash matches with no storyline helped nothing.. at least when Rusev was doing it he was doing it as apart of a Russia is dominant over US type story.
  9. They never gave a shit in the first place.

    JBL probably wanted someone to put him over.
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  10. That was fast. Although, yeah, having the announcers bury people every show, giving them nothing to do and having 40 year olds beat them up doesn't help.
  11. The only announcer who had at least tried putting them over was Booker, Cole and JBL were shitting on them constantly.
  12. Good. They suck. They sucked in NXT too. No talent. Shit gimmick.
  13. At least they were somewhat bearable in NXT, had matches actually go over 5 minutes.
  14. I prefer shorter matches with them. The less existent the better
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  15. Well they fucked up the gimmick... it used to be a whole lot darker... now its like a road warriors/demolition cross
  16. Thread title with the words "given up on" assumes the wwe believed in them to begin with.
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  17. Oh, silly me.
  18. I wouldn't say "a whole lot darker" but yeah it definitely used to have more of a darker sense to it.. I don't know it never really seemed like a good gimmick to begin with IMO.

    They believed in them enough to call them up, that takes a hell of a lot of belief IMO.
  19. Sure, but they had nothing good in store for them.
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