Has your opinion of The Miz changed since his face turn?

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  1. For me, it hasn't. The Miz is still just as good now as he was as a heel. I'll admit, he started off pretty bad as a face and the lack of a feud is still hurting him but he is getting some decent pops and people who say he can't wrestle, watch his match on smackdown this week. Heath Slater and The Miz had a solid 15 minute match. Miz's in ring work is good and he doesn't get the credit he deserves. I think all Miz needs is a feud or 2 to get himself over, that and to stop telling dumb jokes. I see Miz possibly becoming a top face sometime in the future. What are your thoughts on him and his face turn?
  2. I like the Miz a lot and I don't get the hate towards him, and my opinion has never changed since his turn.
  3. Exactly. A real fan sticks by his favorite/s no matter what. What I don't get though is when people say he sucks in-ring because he is easily better than 75% of the roster at the moment.
  4. Miz entertains me in the ring more than Cena does , that's for sure :pity:
  5. Re: RE: Has your opinion of The Miz changed since his face turn?

    Huh? If someone stops being entertaining they're not entertaining what's with this brand loyalty lol. Miz is fine since he turned anyway imo.
  6. That's not that hard. :lol1:
  7. There is nothing called loyalty in pro wrestling..

    Someone is my favorite wrestler now, he gets stale and they fuck his character, then I'm not a fan of him anymore.

    I'm a a fan of what actually entertains me.
  8. Fair enough. I was kind of in the moment and not really thing about what I was typing. haha
  9. I like Miz more now than when he was the cocky biatch who always bragged.
    He looks like a dumb Italian dude but his wit is as sharp as always.
    Matches as good as always.
  10. Nope, only gotten worse. Ever since those your mum jokes to Punk he's gone down hill, awful improvisation. Now they're trying to get him cheap pops by having him in a "murrika is the best country" storyline. It'll work, but you could get anyone over with that.

    In-ring works pretty shocking too, that WM Main Event was just plain awful. Though, he does shine with some people like Morrison and Bryan.
  11. Miz has been carried more than a new born.
  12. I'd say 75% of the roster are better than he is in the ring and even his marks probably agree with me on that.

    I thought his face turn might make him remotely entertaining but no, my opinion is that he's still shit.
  13. I still like the Miz I think his character has hardly changed
    The match with Heath Slater was an entertaining match they worked well together. I think Heath Slater is much better in the ring than people give him credit for. The same can be said The Miz although The Miz is a very good on the mic and Heath Slater is average. I think Miz will get a big push towards the end of this year when his Christmas film comes out
  14. Miz was stale as a heel and he is bad as a face. So no, I'm still tired of Miz.
  15. His ring work is pretty much the same, although some of the promo material he's worked with has been poor imo. If he is given something good to work with in the future, then it'll be alright I guess.
  16. i like him more as a face than heel, his inring work is not bad, just change his finisher please! the all crushing finally..... just doesnt do anything, is like any move from other superstar...
  17. I actually like The Miz. The reasons being is that he's actually charismatic, entertaining and he's improving. This is only opinions so for those of you who decide to bring hate towards this post is likewise the same as it's an opinion. I was edgy on the face turn at first because I didn't know what to expect from him however it's turned out to be a change for the better as he was pretty much stale as hell as a heel.

    By turning The Miz into a face they've opened the doors for good feuds, opportunities to help other stars to get over e.g, Antonio Cesaro. He had a solid in-ring match with Heath Slater that entertained me thoroughly as they work well together and it was a long match. He's going to help himself and other peoples careers by putting them over in terms of getting heat and gaining more fans for himself in order to sell merchandise for the company, etc. All in all, well done WWE for making the right decision to turn him face. Hopefully he's going to be a big face in the future as he's a better entertainer than Sheamus.
  18. Miz still sucks, actually he sucks even more now. I didn't think he could get much worse, but I was wrong, so yeah I guess my opinion has changed a bit :obama:
  19. My man :Obama:
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