Has Ziggler left Vickie?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Aug 29, 2012.

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  1. Vickie and AJ have a feud brewing and Ziggler came out on his own during his promo/match. Have they simply gotten rid of her now?
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  2. It might be the start of them separating. They can simply meet up in a couple of weeks, notice that they haven't really had a use of the other and just walk their separate ways.

    Cheap way out.
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  3. Most likely to happen
  4. Probably the best way to end it too.
  5. god i hope so shes holding him back
  6. I hope to god Dolph isnt with Vickie anymore he needs his own spotlight and to go onto main eventing he needs holding back by her
  7. In my opinion, they should end asap, but with a kiss or something, because any sort of Vickie bashing would pretty much guarantee a face turn.
  8. Yeah, Vickie's kind of ugly, in my opinion. Ziggler can do a lot better. I also lost all respect for her when she was a jerk to Kermit the Frog.
  9. As much as i would love to see Ziggler dropping her i don't think it meant anything special ,And i think i heard cole saying that Vickie couldn't come out to the ring because she was beat up by AJ.
  10. That's a bummer.
  11. That could just be the excuse for the people who wondered where she was this time. Once he comes out without her a few times, nobody will be asking anymore.

    The casuals don't think about it and the smarks are just glad she's away from him.

    Besides, that's why we get this Vickie-AJ feud. To take our minds off of the fact that they're not really together anymore.

  12. nooooo never get rid of her :((
  13. Yeah, it was an excuse for her not to come out with him for now, she'll show up with him again, then she won't show up the next time and so on, until she steps away from him for good.
  14. Hopefully, Ziggler doesn't need Vickie any more.
  15. Agreed.
  16. I hope that Dolph is done with him. She needs to get onto someone who actually needs her help getting attention.
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