Has Ziggler's face run been booked well so far?

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  1. Crayo and I were debating/arguing about this on Skype a minute ago, which was infuriating as I was having to not make it obvious to my parents it was wrestling that I was talking about lol.

    Anyway, so far, besides the lack of mic segments it's been perfectly fine so far IMO. The segment with Del Rio on Monday was a little bit awkward, but Dolph still performed well and his penis size joke somehow managed to get a decent laugh lmao.

    But ya, thoughts?
  2. Reign as what, a babyface? It's been fantastic. Crayo needs to watch his Smackdown promo, it seemed directly aimed at him.

    It's really hard to say with his booking. As frustrating as his lack of wins have been, they've actually helped in a sense. A lot of his overness with the smarks was because he was so entertaining yet completely misused, and the more that dragged on, the louder the "Lets Go Ziggler" chants got. And the casuals eventually played along like the sheep they are, soon everyone liked Ziggler except Jerry Lawler.
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  3. You're not allowed to talk about Wrestling?

  4. Ignore the first line, I was tired lol.

    But yeah I wholeheartedly agree with a lot of that. Even the stuff with AJ has been alright for me, I'm glad they haven't made him immediately get rid of her (although I imagine it's only a matter of time) and are seemingly making the reasoning behind it that she isn't coming to ringside with him. They could have easily just made him get rid of her because he's a good guy now.

    I don't really find the lack of wins that frustrating, and I totally agree with your statement afterwards. I don't need to see him win every week, all I ask for as a fan is giving him plenty of TV time and making him seem relevant - which they have. As I said in the OP, the only thing it's lacked so far IMO is mic time and I think we pretty much all agree on that.
  5. And thus far as a face he got a lengthy promo on Smackdown and a good one on Raw. So your one complaint is being answered, too! :win:
  6. It's been booked well. The turn was excellent, and so far his character has been interesting, keeping heel traits, not just getting him away from AJ/Big E with no storyline at all, he hasn't suddenly started beating three guys up at once, and he's getting some mic time recently (not that much, but already an update), so yeah it's been good.
  7. It's been highly enjoyable.
  8. I guess this is something I can put in the "unpopular wrestling opinions". I guess I'm automatically wrong when Jonathan agrees with me anyway. Honestly though, a lot of his segments (at least on RAW) have been just boring. Probably because he's feuding with one of the most boring characters at the moment though. I think he gets no where near enough mic time to put over his new character. I think his ring work is the same where he just takes a beating for most of it. The corny jokes have increased, but hey, you did say it works for Ziggler, and I kinda' agree with that.

    It could be SO much better imo. The turn was executed wonderfully, but since then it just feels like recycled content. I know things go better for him on SmackDown, but I'd much prefer him steal the show on the main shows - RAW and PPV's.
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  9. Just curious - I'm not trying to 'prove' I'm right here - did you enjoy this Smackdown's one with him dressed as Sin Cara? Despite being blatantly stolen off of TNA, it was awesome IMO.

    Marked for the second line btw.
  10. Not even seen the segment. I didn't remember to watch SmackDown, lol.

    If he wins this Sunday and ends the feud with ADR, then the face turn could be wonderful for me again. There are much better heels he can be feuding with right now. Imagine a head to head with someone like Barrett who cuts heel promos so wonderfully. Or even Rhodes, Ambrose, or others. I've not systematically said this is a poor face turn.
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  11. God so erect at the thought of some of those fueds.

    But yeah, I only found out through his Twitter lol, basically Teddy told him to :gtfo: from SD so he didn't interfere in Del Rio's match and he dressed up as Sin Cara and attacked him. Was awesome.
  12. Sounds like one of those segments that comes off because of how awesome Dolph is, or it's just cheesy. Presuming it's the first though since everything Dolph touches that actually involves any sort of talent and creativity - not just shit WWE booking - turns to gold. Will watch soon. Thanks for the recommendation.

    Ambrose / Ziggler - :mog:
  13. Ziggler vs Barrett or Rhodes? fuck that. They haven't had momentum since 2011.

    The feud with ADR is fine, you just hate ADR atm.
  14. I just hate another ADR reign. Don't pretend ADR has any momentum, lol. The crowd can't connect with him, and that almost forces them not to care as much as they could or should about Dolph. You even said ADR lost his steam when he feuded with Swagger. Although I disagree with that, the ideology is still there.

    Barrett or Rhodes winning the MITB briefcase and getting mic time gives them momentum and importance.
  15. ADR had kayfabe momentum at least, and momentum since he turned heel especially. They put on a universal MOTYC, so how anyone can just outright bury the feud is beyond me. It's not ideal, but it has been entertaining and far from terrible.

    Better than his feud with Big E will be lol
  16. Lol agreed there - not excited for that feud, but I guarantee it shows more of face Ziggler than we get atm. I don't mean to sound 100% negative on this feud, and I especially don't want to bury it, but it's simply another ADR reign where they try their best to shove a character that won't get over down our throat. I'd rather they do something with ADR as he's damn talented. A gimmick change, anything.
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  17. Who cares what ADR is doing? Just enjoy what Ziggler does and the matches, where ADR's character doesn't matter.
  18. Of course it does. He's feuding with him, and the segments they're in together work because of both of them. Ziggler's face segments have mainly been repetitive beat-downs, or segments where he cuts a promo during a match like last week on RAW which was awful. This week on SmackDown it's apparently better, and it was apparently good last week on SmackDown, but I'd rather him get these segments on RAW tbh.

    I honestly think people hare are over-hyping Ziggler as a face because it's Ziggler, but I've seen nothing special thus far. No blame put on Ziggler though, I blame WWE.
  19. lol, whatever you say chief
  20. I'm actually the superintendent but whatever.
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