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  1. I notice a lot of times that threads diverge from the OP into something completely different that inhibits a brand new discussion on it's own. For that reason I think it would be cool if there was a hashtag feature. That way if the thread is about lets say "who should be champ" and someone says Punk and it leads to a discussion about why Punk should or should not be champion. From that point someone could simply use #CMPunk then anyone on the forums looking to discuss something Punk related could be directed to that thread via the hashtag.

    Actually I lie, I just want there to be hashtags so I can get #Crayluminati trending
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  2. Not needed. Would turn the forum into Twitter.
  3. #CrayosSmallPenis #XanthTitJob #BigCockGargler #WhosRyan #CookingWithSpot #SeabsFlossesWithAssHair #LadyDeathbreast #Jonafag #Crayluminati
    Dont these hashtags seem appealing to you?
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  4. We have tags... Don't see the point at all
  5. Hashtags would be more for what the thread is diverging to. tags would be more about what the OP pertains to

    but this was never a serious suggestion
  6. I know. You'd use #taco a lot
  7. People can use #'s and just search for the relevant #