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  1. Anyone seen this on twitter and any idea what it's about?

    2: I hope they are digging out the FIST for the new Smackdown set. But they are probably teasing a new gimmick or something
  3. I'm good cheers mate still floating around the site. Just very busy these days with work and finalising my flat move that has dragged out since Feb.

    An I've heard it could just be network content which would blow. I was hoping it'd be a debut or similar! Maybe Sister Abigail with Wyatt due for a return. It's creepy looking enough an area for it to be related but that's probably me and my hopes just being far to raised as per.
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  4. The sister Abigail character is firmly established as dead (a nun who Wyatt killed as a young man). So odds of her showing up are probably low. Some good old content for the network is never wrong in my opinion tho.
  5. Ah right. Missed that info about Sister Abigail at some point. Only watching PPV's mainly at the minute until I get internet sorted properly etc...
  6. Only watching the PPVs is how I do it now as well. I read the results each week for the TV and pick what I want to watch from that. Much less hassle for me like that and I keep up with the product. PPVs in full tho.
  7. Yeah I missed loads and lost interest for awhile over New Year and that. Then when the Rumble and Mania rolled around I picked up again and now I'm getting back into it all.
  8. It's Owen Harts death tape
  9. Gobbledy Gooker?
  10. I would flip my fucking house upside down in a burst of excitement if it's the smackdown fist set.

    Or I was thinking maybe... juuuust maybe a return of the doctor of thuganomics gimmick for cena. I'd be down with that. Or maybe even.. maybe even.. Kurt fucking Angle.

    Who knows... it's definitely a great way to have people interested in watching the show this week though.
  11. Angle can hardly walk. Hows he going to make it on the road?
  12. As American alphas manager type guy maybe? Or like a mentor of sorts. I think it'd work. I was reading an interview from March and he's more than interested in one day returning and said that would be a good role. Reform team Angle and they fight the raw/smackdown matches and what not then come mania he could take a big one.

    I'd personally love to see him return one day. Although I absolutely hated him back in the day, the older me respects thefuck out of him now and how well he did his character. The hate was probably due to being a canadian kid at the time though... lol

    Fuck I'd even love to see it be the hardcore title (I doubt it though.) Or the cruiserweight title.

    My mind is running rampant so I'm just looking forward to watching raw tomorrow. Chances are it'll be the last segment before they go off air though lol
  13. Damn! Imagine the Hardcore title coming back for the brand split. PG though it might not work but that 24/7 rule brought some hilarious moments of pins when people were asleep.
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  14. I feel like my hopes are so high that when it's finally revealed.... I might be largely disappointed lol. I'm really hoping that's not the case though
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  15. That's standard WWE at times. High hopes then boom the reveal and, what!? They do get it right sometimes though and they just become the mark out moments of the century.
  16. Seems like a Wyatt thing, honestly. Best case scenario is the fist set, or the sexiest title being brought back. Undisputed title, that is.
  17. Could always be the Cruiserweight title but it seems way to dark for that. But with the brand split and the tournament, suppose it could be.
  18. Would like that, the tourney prize actually being the Cruiserweight title would be a really nice spin. But then an established NXT star would probably win since they wouldn't let most of the competitors bypass NXT.
  19. I'm seeing guesses of everything from a new set, the old fist, 2k17, the rollins/snipes movie, bray wyatt, sister abigail,the old belt, old matches, John cena's return. Hell even a masked big show lol. just seems like it's completely up in the air and I'm hoping it's really anything but the movie or video game trailers. That, to me, would be a huge let down.
  20. I can see La Sombra winning that tourney, tbh... He'll probably defeat Sabre in the finals.

    And I'd love it if the Cruiserweight title ended up being the tourney's prize.
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