Hate it when it's so obvious.

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  1. Nearly every single WWE superstar and such on Twitter are suddenly tweeting about HHH and how he looks "down" backstage and such, yes, he'll probably come out and announce his retirement or hint at it, or go down that path (maybe swerve us all but it'll be hinted). Why's it so fucking obvious? Ugh. /rant
  2. You got this tweets lad? Screenies?
  3. [​IMG]



    And that's just the ones that came up on our feed. We don't follow most of them lol.
  4. This is one I retweeted:

  5. Who are chair shot pod?
  6. annoying but funny :smug:
  7. Three longtime wrestling fans from Ireland and the UK who "supply your weekly insight-free wrestling banter."
  8. Ah thanks, I may need to check these out.
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  9. Not a problem. :emoji_slight_smile:
  10. Doesn't really bother me. I think it's more silly then anything, but I guess they'll use anything to point it out how depressed Triple H is now. Just playing the part.
  11. Nobody's buying this retirement... but the really annoying thing is how he spent the last 10 minutes of PPV time trying to milk sympathy pops from the crowd (which failed) THEN got all these superstars tweeting about it, and all this fanfare for this retirement angle... while Jericho just walks up to the stage and leaves. Where's the celebration for Jericho?
  12. :haha: Silly Rainman, the undisputed world champion who beat Stone Cold and The Rock at the same night during their prime for both their world championships, one of the best cruiserweight champions, one of the most unselfish guys in the business by putting young talent over, a great heel and face, creator or the Highlight Reel, and other amazing stuff isn't as important as a fake retirement by a guy who 85% of the time burys everybody he fights, just because he wants to and steals the main event away from the WWE championship.
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  13. He'll have at least one more match before retiring, I'm sure.