Haunted House 2 is pure dog shit!

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Just Kevin, Apr 26, 2014.

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    I'm sure it might be obvious.. but I just want to confirm it to you guys.

    The first Haunted House movie was actually pretty funny in parts.. I know I laughed about 5 or 6 times.. with this movie, ZERO LAUGHS... not funny even in the least.

    Wait, I did laugh during the movie one time.... my cat came in the room and tried to jump on the loveseat and didn't jump high enough so she smacked into the side of the loveseat then shook her head like she was getting the cobwebs out lol.

    Anyway.. -2/10
  2. Hated the first one, laughed maybe once when the guy from FX's "The League"s Fear boner episode came out and was like "What happened to yo furniture CUZZ!??!" ; the Wayans brothers have lost their way.. should've never stopped making Scary Movies.. 1&2 were gold.. then they left and that whole series turned to shit and they didn't have anything else solid to work on for awhile.
  3. Well, it was kinda expected. Had such a shitty trailer and most movies that quality are shit. Or that try to do parodies of other movies.
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