Haunting in Indiana

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    It is a clear, calm voice – a whisper that cuts across the voices of the Indiana police officers recording proceedings.

    ‘Hey’ – a simple word rendered chilling because nobody present in the basement that day said it, much less heard it, at the time.

    None of the police officers sent to investigate claims of supernatural occurrences, possession and paranormal activity at a modest rental home in Gary, Indiana in spring 2012 really believed this could be anything other than a hoax.

    None of them thought that they would be descending into ‘a portal to hell.’

    Read more in the links below ;

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/art...ial-reports-saying-no-hoax.html#ixzz2rhFAR1xQ

  2. There's a video in one of the links if anyone cares.
  3. People still believe in this nonsense? :dawg:
  4. :nope:
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