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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Nano, Mar 11, 2013.

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  1. Well, in my other thread I talked about having a bank in this forums and @Crayo told me he would put it if some people wants it and would use it. Reading a little your posts I've seen some people who gave some great ideas to make it better and more attractive, so I decided to make a poll and lets see how many of you want and maybe we can get it.

    Vote everyone and suggest things to make it better, your idea may be the best and the used
  2. I just don't see the point. You won't lose any NP either way. Now if you want to do something where you get NP for keeping it in the bank for so long and not using it, that would be cool. Otherwise, it would be pointless.
  3. As I said in the other thread, you get interest.
  4. I wanna be able to invest in meth.
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  5. A yes from me. Interest is good.
  6. Thanks =)
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  7. Original thread with some discussion can be found here:

    You don't lose any NP either way, true, but like Crayo said, any NP you deposit in the bank, you can draw interest on. So you can gradually earn more NP free just by depositing some in the bank.
  8. It's a yes from me, for the same reason I stated in the other thread. Plus, I figure it doesn't hurt anyone. It'd be a benefit for those who wish to use it, and for those who don't, well, they simply don't have to use it.
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  9. What a rather intelligent Idea....
  10. You would be surprised how many people complain at the stuff we add that *they* don't like.
  11. :facepalm: So sad. To me it's pretty much no harm no foul. You add something that's a plus for the forum as far as anyone who wants to use, yet it doesn't harm or hurt anyone who doesn't want to use it. (Not saying I blame you for wanting to get users' feedback before adding it -- that's your job as site owner -- just that it's sad so many complain just because something gets added that they themselves don't like.)
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  12. I think we all know the chosen few who fit that description, lmfao. I'd love to see them run a website themselves.
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  13. Gohan would run a sick site.
  14. This goes good, a 75% wants it so I don't know if in the end we'll have it but if that amount of people has agreed I personally think it should be an approved idea. But here the one who decides is Crayo
  15. As GN said , it doesn't hurt anyone , and makes the forum more interesting .
    For example , If someone wants 5NP for his username , he will have to give back 7NP.
    But you shouldn't allow a guy to borrow 100 NP .
    I can give some money (I'm winning the lottery this week)
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  16. Will add later today.
  17. Ok, great news, also what @Rodrigo said is a great idea, giving some NP credits, but one thing I want to add that idea is that you have to give a time limit if you decide to do it and if he doesn't give the money you ask for in the time limit you can strip all the money he has or something like that
  18. I'm actually confused about what he means.
  19. He said that anyone could ask for a credit like 5NP to get a new username and then have to give you back for example 7NP, and then I say to put a time limit
  20. Yeah .. My father works for a bank . Basically what u do when u wanna buy a car or house . U ask for money , and if the bank thinks u can give it back they give you the money . Then , u have an interest added to the money gave , of example , the guy who asks for the money , must pay back the 110% of the money
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