Have A&E been booked as you would have wanted them to be?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Crayo, Dec 28, 2012.

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  1. TNA is known for its excessive amounts of stables over recent years, but there seems to be quite a few fans of the A&E storyline from what I can tell. Would any of you have booked it differently? Are you a fan or the story? If so, tell me why? How would you end the stable too?
  2. I'm a fan of the story, no question about it. I like it a lot, especially since I'm a DEVON THE GOD mark, and I usually dig these kinda stories.

    Would I have booked it diferently? Yes of course.

    IMO, Aces & 8's have had 3 good months in 2012, 1 solid, and 2 months of bad booking (in order).

    The reason they're losing than winning more matches, I feel, is that they're supposed to be the street bikers and thugs, hence why they can't beat anyone clean (kayfab wise ofc), even though their score of wins and losses is pretty much around 0 or +1 if we were to count them.

    How would I book them, that's for another day, not right now. :boss:

    I already said, I'd end them at Lethal Lockdown match on March 10th, but the "leftovers" would be alive until Slammiversary 2013.
  3. I thought we would have seen more than 2 members by now. IMO they need a ME caliber guy. As much as I like Devon, he isn't it. DOC is another mid carder. Hopefully, when they do the reveal of the man behind the group, he'll be a ME guy and then the stable can continue with some faces to it.
  4. Ken Anderson is the "muscle" for the An8's, so many consider him as the main event player. Wondering will that change anything now to better. I sure hope so.
  5. He didn't confirm he's with them yet though.
  6. True dat, but I'm pretty sure he'll confirm it next week on live edition.
  7. I hope not, the real player has to be unmasked IMO. Having him just show up and be "the guy" doesn't do it for me. Whatever interest I had in the group will be lost.
  8. I think Joe'll unmask that member he failed to unmask this week, next week after the Cage match is over.

    Probably Mike Knox, I'm guessing.
  9. I want Park vs the last one, i want Sting/hogan out of it, and i want at least one more member unmasked ATM. Should be Doc (having actual matches) and Devon (Leaving the room to walk out solo) with one more member WHO NEEDS TO HAVE EVERYONE THERE. They are overdoing it wrong IMO.
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