Have the sigs been banned???

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  1. Have the sigs been banned??? my Barbie sig has gone and its not uploading when I try reloading it???
  2. Your signature is blank.
  3. No Barbie sigs allowed. :lol1:
  5. What happens when you actually enter a signature? At the moment it's blank.
  6. Make sure you tick " Enable my signature in all of my existing posts.".
  7. Its still not showing my sig??? what the fuck is going on???
  8. http://wweforums.net/usercp.php?action=options
    "Display users' signatures in their posts."
  9. Yes it is, it's a picture of Paige.
  10. This is weird how you can see my sig but I cant. Everything is ticked on my profile. Something is very fucked up
  11. Gone again.

    Watch your language please it offends me.
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  12. Can someone tell me what happened i don't see mine and other people sigs as well :sad:
  13. Go here: http://wweforums.net/usercp.php?action=options

    Make sure these are enabled (I know mine is on a different theme, it'll still be there for you).
  14. all of them are enabled :downer:
  15. Can you see any signatures now?
  16. nope :upset: am i the only one with this problem :nogusta:
  17. Apparently BLFFL is the same. It's weird.
  18. Last time i saw my sig was last sunday!
  19. me and BLFFL share a very strong relationship :ryan1:
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