Have they waited too long for a Cena heel turn?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by seabs, Dec 28, 2012.

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  1. I was watching Hogan's turn at BATB and this was a comment on it or words to similar effect

    "They should have turned him 4-5 years ago, now instead of shock people will simply say about damn time. Don't expect anything big from a Cena heel turn. "

    Is this correct or will the turn shock the world still?

    I've let my opinions on this be known before and I still believe it's the biggest story left in American wrestling, the elements are there for a Hulk style turn but with a more ferocious backlash already occurring to his character than Hogan ever had.
  2. I think it would be a bit of both.
    The shock value of "Holy Sh*t! WWE finally turned Cena heel!" and "About damn time!"
    I think they can still pull it off.
  3. Not too late at all, the more they wait, the more shocking it would be. He would get WAY more heat for turning on his HLR and rise above angles after so long.
  4. As long as Cena is a cash cow for the WWE and there is no one to replace him in that regard, then he is better off as a face. A great heel also needs great babyfaces to counter him, and what fresh faces are there for Cena at the moment?

    I've always said that the best way to turn him is to follow the Hogan path - all the Hulkamaniacs from the 80's eventually grew up and became teenagers and started to find the Hogan act corny, not to mention stale. Let the same happen with the CenaNation. When this happens and Cena isn't quite the cash cow he still is at the moment and doesn't have the same fanbase cheering him on, then turn him.
  5. Re: RE: Have they waited too long for a Cena heel turn?

    Would he get heat when it's what a very large portion of the audience want though? I doubt those Cena Sucks guys will boo him as a heel now tbh.
  6. Yeah, they hate him enough to do so. If he goes heel I don't think it would be back to thugonomics Cena. If they did that you're right, the boos from the haters would be cheers. He would need to be kind of like he is, but a big hypocrite. Cheating, running away, being corporate, and wearing PANTS!
  7. I don't care if Cena ever goes heel, to be honest. I doubt it'd turn out to be what people expect it to be.
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  8. It can still get a big reaction, it's not too late. But they need new top babyfaces to be able to do so.
  9. A heel Cena? NO! John Cena would be an awful heel.
  10. YO! YO!
    YOU GAY!
  11. lolno.
    It would be amazing.
  12. Only on Tuesday Nights.
  13. Considering the fact fans have been begging for him to turn heel for five years and the crowd is virtually all against him most places he goes, I'd say it's much too late. It will be the "about damn time" feel. No shock. No drama. Just relief. So I guess that in turn means no ratings, no money, no profit.
  14. How would it be amazing? People hate superman Cena, how would a monster heel Cena be any better? A chicken heel Cena
    dosen't sound amazing to me. Watching a guy run away all of the time gets boring quick.
  15. 1. His promos would be better and non-cheesy
    2. He has more freedom in the ring, so more moves
    3. Don't have to listen to his same crap
    4. Him running away isn't that bad. He can be similar to the Hall Of Pain

    I seriously don't know where you're coming from. If you actually believe Cena would be a terrible heel, you're delusional.
  16. At least he won't be superman anymore, and we will be more interested when we see him on Raw.

    We won't have to listen to his same old shit that he has been saying for the last 8 years, we will hear something different from "I'm here because of you all" & "You are the reason why we are here".
  17. I think a good chunk of people would still be sick of the guy
  18. Isn't everyone already sick of him? At this point anything different would be refreshing.
  19. 4-5 years ago? Cena was barely even the man at that point lmao. No way in hell has WWE missed the boat.

    Most of the IWC's views on Cena are so hilarious and off base. Just because YOU find him boring doesn't mean your opinion is the end all-be all. He will turn heel eventually and all of you fickle fucks will love him then. Fags
  20. The whole purpose of forums is to express one's own opinion. If your opinion is that he's boring, then it is the be all and end all for you. However, thinking you know everything and that your opinion is above others is fickle. You can disagree and discuss all you want, but discrediting others' views by calling them fickle and fags makes you look petty and immature.
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