Have to repeat year 9 :/

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by William, Dec 13, 2012.

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  1. So basically this is in regards to one of my earlier threads that I posted about my school giving me a tonne of work that I had to do within 2 weeks or I was having to repeat year 9. Well I did the work and handed it in to them and now they're saying it's not good enough when I worked my fucking ass off to get it all fucking done :@

    I've got a meeting tomorrow and I'm just gonna skitz at the fucking ****s.
  2. That won't help anything man. It might make you look even worse to freak out. Try to understand where they are coming from and get em next time. You can do it dude
  3. Stop playing them video games so much. :dawg:
  4. damn bro are you retarded?
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  5. I don't see the big deal about going off at them? I'll get the rest of the year off plus some of next year. Unless there's a way to change whether I repeat or not, I'm going to go off at them.

    And no! Video games are like better then Jesus and Hitler combined.

    And actually no I'm not retarded, I was actually put up a grade when I was younger because I was to smart for the work and in my opinion, my mums opinion and my brother in laws opinion who is a teacher said that the work was great and he'll be shocked if they make me repeat.

    I literally spent hours doing this work, probably a full day or more and they wanna throw it all back in my face? The LEAST I can do is go off my fucking head at them.
  6. I dunno, hitler might be better.
  7. Actually, I agree with that. Hitler was a great man. We need a Hitler smilie.
  8. Damn, you were just to smart for the work, huh? Riveting tale, chap. You sound like a modern day Thomas Jefferson.
  9. Fuck Thomas Jefferson he was a dumb ****. I'm more like Einstein.
  10. Just a bad look to show that kind of emotion brah
  11. Swearing is normally used for emphasis, you have raped that theory. Is it normal in Australia to follow every sentence with the word "****"?

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  12. For a lot of people yes. :otunga:
  13. Hey, right here you know.

    Anyway, OP. You're not going to have to repeat. It's actually impossible to have to repeat a year until Year 12. You can do fuck all until Year 12 and still pass.

    I have to say though. Don't be a retard about it, accept it and move on normally. Don't do anything stupid.
  14. The stereotypes perhaps.
  15. Teachers won't give a fuck about you randomly screaming profanity at them, they'll just laugh at you and you'll look like the idiot. If you really want to antagonize them defeat them in a proper debate, or do little petty things like not handing in forms or not wearing proper uniform, it annoys them so much more lol.
  16. It'll be all like... Just give him Ritalin.. That'll fix him!
  17. Fuck them in the ass kid.
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  18. Aaaand there is our answer. If you do all the work in one day of course it is going to be sub par. Don't be stupid and rush the work. Think it through and do a couple of subjects per day, if you managed to "do it all" in one day and had a 2 week deadline, then that sounds hell easy.
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