Have you been to a live tour?

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  1. Have you been to a live tour before to watch WWE? If so, do you prefer being there or watching it on TV? If not, would you like to go?

    I wouldn't want to go unless I was right at the front because it would be to crowded and knowing my luck, some idiot would hold up a huge sign so I couldn't see.
  2. I went to one, saw Chris Jericho, Rikishi, and others, it wasn't on TV and it was outdoors
  3. Yep, SD! 2004, Raw 2006 and SD! and ECW 2007. Really enjoyed them however now I'm above the age of 11 they probably wouldn't satisfy me as much. CM Punk/Johnny Nitro was a great match though IIRC.
  4. I went to one last May with my dad, that house show where Jericho kicked the Brazilian flag. It was great, simply awesome. I had a great place, it wasn't in the ring level, just a little bit higher, but my voice echoed around pretty well, there was no one in front of me and it was close enough. When Laurinaitis came to open the show, man, the feeling was unbelievable. It's so different from watching it on TV. I can't really describe it, great stuff. Brodus opened by squashing JTG, then Otunga beat Riley, McGillicutty acted as a face against Hawkins in a great match, Zack Ryder beat Miz (who cut a promo saying a few words in Portuguese before the match, I bursted out laughing), Kofi & Truth beat Epico & Primo, Beth beat Kelly (when Beth told the crowd to kiss her ass, people started "Yes!" chants), Cena defeated Ziggler (I cheered as hard as I could for Dolph and booed Cena as if there was no tomorrow, few people did the same) and Punk retained against Cena in the main event. I started lots of chants and all. Great, great experience. As a guy who had never been in a WWE show before, I loved it.
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  5. Haven't went to one, had the money ready to go but posted a status on here asking people if it was a good idea. They said not really, so I didn't go.

    Then I saw the results.

    I would have left after seeing that, and really don't have any desire to go to a house show if you see dumb stuff like that. But if you say it's good, I may give it a shot.
  6. House shows have really good atmospheres a lot of the time, went to a raw wm revenge after Cena / Heeltista. Main event was Cena and Orton Vs Show and Dave. If it was on TV I would have been pissed but it had a fun atmosphere. TNA do better house shows IMO however.
  7. Well, I loved it. There was only one squash (Brodus vs JTG, first match), and Cena won, but nothing that I'd complain so much about. Also, Mason Ryan came out as DZ's bodyguard if I'm not mistaken. I'm normally more of a smark, but I must've looked like a little kid there. Of course, I cheered for Jericho, Ziggler, Miz and other heels, but it was that thing that... you're there. You're watching the show in the arena. It's so different. Interacting with the superstars, being a part of the chants, starting chants. Screaming random things that make people laugh, like when I screamed for McGillicutty to use the Perfect Plex (which he attempted later in the match) and telling Jericho to go back to Toronto just to see if he'd answer. Of course, if I had seen Tensai squash Kidd I'd be mad as well, but my mark side probably wouldn't mind much.
  8. This does sound like a lot of fun!
  9. It was. I can't wait for them to come back. :yay:

    There was a dad with two children in front of me (a little bit below me), their face whenever I booed Cena was priceless. :dawg:
  10. I wish I had went to one. The last time it came to my city, I posted a thread stating whether I should go or not. It wasn't a front row seat that's why I was edging towards not going in the end I didn't go anyway. However, 6 YES chants broke out in my city when they came (at the arena.)
  11. If you've never been to one, go. I'd say that's pretty much the rule, if you enjoyed it like I did, great, whenever there's another chance you go again. If you didn't like it don't go.
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