Other Have you been to an indie show?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Samalan, Feb 19, 2014.

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  1. I was wondering whether anyone else has been to an indie show in their local area. Did you enjoy it and did you prefer it over big events such as WWE? If you haven't, would you go?
  2. I haven't, other than seeing British wrestling at holiday camps as a kid. I'm going to my first indie show next month and I'm really excited.
  3. Definitely want to hit a few up. I have two fairly big European ones here in Sweden that I want to visit.
  4. Yeah, a TNA house show.
  5. Nope. But going on holiday to England in the summer, and I'd love to check out a few indies there. Rev Pro Wrestling, PROGRESS Wrestling, or anything good.
  6. I'm going to Rev Pro next month. Looks like an awesome line up.
  7. Yeah I saw the card, looks nice.
  8. Is that the one with Nakamura coming over? You lucky bitch.
  9. He's not on the card I'm going to, as far as I can see. But it should still a great card.
  10. I go to em all the time.....
  11. Other than ring crew on 2 shows nope.
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  12. Also for people who have never done ring crew, its actually quite fun and when you get to train in the ring its worth it and you get to watch the show for free at ringside holding the barriers.
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  13. And to anyone who has never been to one I suggest you go check them out. I have been to hundreds of indie shows some good a lot bad but all fun.
  14. Was part of training I had no say in it
  15. Even the bad shows can be so bad their funny. I have never been to a bad show both shows I saw were great but like $5 Wrestling is a great example of bad being funny.
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  16. I am going to my first on Saturday so any tips for your first show?
  17. never been to any wrestling show. Would rather spend money on tickets to NFL or NBA games.
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  18. True that. I only have been to one ROH show and that was because I had a coupon from an entertainment book for 50% off and a free drink lol tickets were only like $8 bucks after that.

    Fucking NFL tickets are crazy expensive tho, luckily my Uncle is a season ticket holder to philly so I get a game a year for free :emoji_wink:
    Parking is absolutely redonculus too it's like the cost of a whole other ticket :emoji_slight_smile:
  19. Raiders tickets are hella cheap. usually can find A's tickets cheap as well. Warriors tickets the last two years have gone up a ton.

    I guess liking shitty teams helps affordability at least.
  20. Yeah I can get Browns tickets prettty cheap on resale. My uncle's seats are like $105 or some shit a ticket for the Eagles.
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