Have You Ever Legitimately Hated A Movie Or TV Character?

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Lockard 23, Apr 30, 2013.

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  1. This was something I thought of earlier today.

    Usually when I watch films or television shows, I don't actually 'hate' a whole lot of characters. Even if I find the characters interesting, I'm usually indifferent to whether the good guy or bad guy wins. Very often, I believe the villain getting away or prevailing just makes for a better and more intriguing ending.

    If it's the villain of an action movie, I can't usually recall ever actually hating them. I tend to think they're just being awesome villains, probably because most all action movies are popcorn flicks and not super serious or anything. But even in other films, like gangster flicks, I usually don't harbor actual bad feelings towards the ones I want to see get killed, even though I'm still rooting usually for one side over another.

    But there's a few films where I actually do hate the people that are portrayed on-screen and genuinely look forward to their death and demise or at least imprisonment... Assuming this is a movie where either of those scenarios is likely and plausible.

    There's even one movie (which I won't name since this is a spoiler) where the killer got away and it bothered me for a few days afterwards. I then discovered an alternate ending where he WAS killed, and was genuinely pleased but also disappointed that it wasn't the real ending.

    For me, here's about the only examples that pop to mind:

    The Shield - I hated a character named Armadillo in Season 2. He was a Mexican drug dealer who murdered people by burning them to death (look up necklacing, which takes place in real life), he raped people including a 12-year old girl who looked like she was more like six, he had his own brother killed for almost no reason (though his brother was a piece of shit, too) and overall was the kind of person who deserved to die. Won't reveal whether he did or not in case it's a spoiler for anyone who wants to check out a great and underrated show like The Shield.

    The Wire - The three main members of the Stanfield gang - Marlo Stanfield (drug dealer/gang leader) and his two main killers, Chris and Snoop. Hated all three and wished nothing but death upon them. Marlo ordered the death of anyone who rubbed him the wrong way (including a security guard in a small little store) and Chris and Snoop happily carried it out. You really wanted to see someone come back on them and dish it out back to 'em. It was especially pleasing to see a feared muscle like Chris (who killed more people than anybody in the entire show) all shook up over the idea of Omar coming after him (Omar being the most feared man on the streets.)

    Natural Born Killers - A movie about two mass murderers who go around killing anyone they please and express nothing but joy over it. Do I even need to go over this one? I don't think I've ever wanted to see someone die so badly in a movie, not even the above examples.
  2. Do games count?

    If so i legit hated Sephiroth the first time i played FF7
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  3. Not sure, but The Never Ending Story? I fucking hated that shit, if I see it playing on my TV, goodbye TV.
    Did I watch the Movie? Bits of it and it was the gayest shit EVER!
  4. Yah, I guess video games can count. Never really hated a video game character though, except for maybe Ocelot in the Metal Gear Solid series. After surviving for so long game after game after game, I wanted to finally see him get his.
  5. I had a love/hate relationship with Ryder from San Andreas. The motha' fucka' betrayed me :why: :cry: :annoyed:
  6. Skyler mother fucking White.
    Andrea from The Walking Dead.

    Only one from a movie but it's a spoiler.
    Only open if you've watched all of The Usual Suspects.
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    Kaiser Sose, can't remember his real name, I felt like shit when he got away, it was awesome but I really don't like him watching it back.
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  7. Loads of people hate Skyler White lol. I never have, to be honest. Most all of her concerns over Walt being involved in the meth business are legitimate to me.
  8. Yeah I know lol, I was saying this to my brother, everybody hates her because she wants her 50 year old husband to stop cooking crystal meth. It doesn't make any sense. It's just I like Walt so much I hate her being on his back all the time.
  9. :sad: I know that feelin' bro
  10. First of all, I hate the Miz so much. But games wise I hate Cloud strife, because i cannot stand his character in the slightest :/! TV series wise, I can't stand one of the fat guys in Walking Dead, He was being a dick to the women and eventually got what he deserved. But I can't stand men that feel the need to try and beat up women in anything!

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    Gus towards the end, but I loved him at the same time, I wanted to see him dead more than anything in the world but I also thought he was an incredible character and I miss him a bit, maybe because I like Walt and Jesse so much I wanted any threat to them to die, guess that's why I'm starting to dislike Walt now and like Jesse more and more.
  13. I legit hate Chris Martin of Coldplay think he is a fooking judgemental tosspot.
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  14. I second this, can't stand the guy.
  15. Seen em live and he started preaching about third world poverty and i was stood there like mate ur worth a fortune why u telling me? Donate ur cash and stop moaning at me. U want me to donate a quid ok fair enuf i aint tight i do but please a quid to me is a grand to u so u donate a grand, or more. U earn over 100k a year u need what 75 max to live well so get ur hand in ur pocket before lecturing me. Bono does it as well he must be worth millions well donate a million then tight arse.
  16. Currently I can't stand the character Elena Gilbert on Vampire Diaries. The damsel in distress mentality and the way she gets babied by everyone drives me insane! :lol1:
  17. Exactly, hate it when celebrity's lecture Joe Public about giving money when they seemingly do nothing themselves. Don't really like Coldplay though so luckily I don't have to put up with it. You ever been to see Arctic Monkeys? Really want to see them but couldn't get tickets last time.
  18. There's this really fucked up rock musical about a mom who has a bipolar disorder and she gets into a lot of shit like suicide, drug abuse, and such. And she still thinks her son is still alive when he's been dead since he was a baby. So, the son would pop in and out of the musical and every time I would hate him. Because of him, the family is really fucked up and when he popped in I would just be like "NO GO AWAY :angry:"

  19. WHAT!? Revolver Ocelot is the straight up man
  20. I hate Forrest Gump for beating Shawshank and Pulp Fiction at the Oscar's
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