Have you ever met a WWE superstar?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Jan 2, 2014.

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  1. Thought it would make a good thread. I don't mean "Look over there, thats so and so" either. No I mean stopped, shook their hand, maybe had a short conversation with them.

    I have once when I was in the military. IIRC it was maybe the APA at the time (yes JBL and the real Farooq) and a couple of divas. It was the blond one that used to valet for Golddust (Marlena?) and a brown haired one that wasn't too popular IMO. I remember being disappointed Trish or Lita wasn't there, I know that much. I had a divas magazine for them to sign, but nothing for the guys to sign lol. Might even have some crappy film pics somewhere too.
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  2. No, but I'd love to Meet Heath Slater, guy seems so chill.
  3. I met Hulk Hogan and Kurt Angle.
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  4. OH and not that it meets the criteria for my own thread, but I SWEAR I see the Honky Tonk man at the local fair up here every summer, just never approached him. Dude got fat if thats him.
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  5. Wasn't he always fat?
  6. I guess kind of, but way worse now, trust me. Like I said though, I just think thats him.
  7. Two words ~ I WISH
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  8. Nope, unfortunately.
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    My dad is good friends with Rick Steiner and I met him and Scot Steiner because of that. My cousin also grew up with Marcus Bagwell, and I was in Marcus Bagwell's Sunday School class for a few months before his car accident five minutes from my house.

    Oh yeah also met Ray Traylor, aka Big Boss Man.
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  10. Not sure if I'd want to.
  11. I have met R Truth, Miz and John Morrison.
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  12. I saw Hardcore Holly in an airport once.

    I've met NBA/NFL/MLB players, but never a wrestler.
  13. Rey Mysterio when I was 13. Think I was as tall as him at the time. And my conversation sucked.
  14. Oh yeah, I told my dad to go search for Randy Orton or any wrasslers at the airport when they were leaving. No luck. :sad1:
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  16. Ken Anderson in 2007.
    Sabu in 2006.
    Mike Awesome in 2005.
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  17. I met the British Bulldog when i was a kid.
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  18. Ive been in touching distance of many wrestlers as I work in a hotel they have stayed at
  19. Heidenreich, Jimmy Hart and Disco Inferno are the only ones I remember.
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  20. I had a short conversation with Bob Backlund earlier this year on Raw.

    My dad used to do business with Hulk Hogan back in the 90s, and I'm pretty sure when I was like 2 he put me on the phone with him, not that it even means anything
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