Have you ever watched a wrestling PPV at a sports bar?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Varus, Jun 30, 2013.

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  1. Just recently I discovered that a sports bar in my area not only hosts UFC and other various sport events but they have wrasslin too! We went there for WM 29 and to be honest I didn't want to go because I thought we would be the only ones watching it in there. But of course we weren't (we actually had to share a table with some folks because the place was packed). It's a lot more fun than laying down and turning on a laggy stream and staring at your screen for 3 hours straight.
  2. It's something I definitely want to do. There are none here, but I'd love to visit Chicago some day and hit one up there.
  3. In Wales they mainly show Rugby and football in bars; I don't even think there in many sports bars in Wales besides from some in Cardiff.

    It sounds like a cool idea though.
  4. If there are places around here that show wrestling PPVs, I have never heard of it. I wouldn't go tbh, would be scared of what the people would be like.
  5. Sadly there were Cena fans there (adults) but everyone was more excited for the Undertaker and CM Punk match so I was happy with that.
  6. Would go if they had somewhere but unfortunately Manchester as a city deems its self way to cool to show WWE in a sports bar.
  7. Hooters in my area does.
  8. Yeah, I watched a half of one WWE PPV about two yrs ago in this one bar that shows PPVs on semi-regular basis. Meh experience.
  9. Boobs, Beer, Food and Wrestling.
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