Have you tried saints row the third?

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  1. Hey guys,

    Wanted to ask if you've tried the newest saints row (the third). I've finished it yesterday, played for 13hours straight (I still have 38% of the game to do in freeroam) and I can say I love it. I kind of like it more than GTA IV, because its more fun and more dynamic. Also you can fight like wrestlers, knock people out etc. Damn epic.
  2. Does it actually have a story-line? I see people go on about how fun it is being a free-roam wrestler etc, but I buy games mainly for the epic story-lines.
  3. Well, it does, the story is also dynamic. And I love the fact that you don't start like a fucking lowlife like in GTA SA and GTA IV for example. The story though, is kind of short (I've done side-missions but I'd evaluate just the story it self on 11 hours of gameplay on hardcore (i always do hardcore yay for me lmao)
  4. Do you start as a rich gangster or something? Is it at least realistic? :emoji_slight_smile:
  5. Judging by his reply, I think its a mixture of rich gangster and poor person o.o
  6. You start off by robbing an bank of the so called syndicate and you get caught by the cops, they "sell" you to the syndicate and your in an airplane. One of your best friends dies, while you and the other gang member (an freakin sexy girl) escape the plane. Once you "land" you try taking out $1million USD but your bank account has been hacked, although 2 missions later you get a huge fucking penthouse and $100k+ (depending how you played it) and you get $10k+ each hour income.
  7. ... I want it!
  8. Torrents for the win! The game is epic, so its an must have for 2011/2012
  9. I love this Extornia member already, loves my favourite game :emoji_slight_smile:.
  10. Wouldn't play on PC. Would get it for Xbox.
  11. I love you too :loved:

    Well get it asap, buy it online if you can (not a physical copy). Now that you've learned the true epicness of the game your not allowed to wait a few days to receive it haha.
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    @[RKO] will have to sort this out with his legendary finisher (when he's on).
  13. Bromance >.>

    NO! :emoji_neutral_face:
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  15. Well, okay. For you :loved:
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  17. I played it.
    Very funny moments in the cut scenes.
  18. My cousin has it, and I played a lot I might buy it though, bought gta 4 yesterday
  19. :rofl:
  20. Guys, what the hell does RKO stand for