Have you tried to start a chant at a live event but it didn't catch on?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by TheShowoffChick, Aug 16, 2012.

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  1. Like for example, I have a friend who tried to start a chant that went like "Turn cena heel!" People looked at him like he was nuts and one person whoes dad that had a kid with a Cena shirt on got an attitude with him.
  2. My girlfriends and I would do this, but it was usually because we were being loud and obnoxious. It was always cheering the good guys and booing the bad guys, so maybe that didn't answer your question. Where I'm from it isn't very hard to start chants, actually
  3. Fuck me Eve... Got kicked out.
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  4. I've started a heyman chant at Extreme Rules.
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  5. Wasn't a WWE event, it was a show for the military. It was in New Orleans, and I tried to start a "You Suck" chant, but nobody there was really "in to" it, so the person in front of me told me to shut up because I was annoying and I was like :okay:
  6. I got a "we like bacon" chant going at a hockey game once!

    Good times
  7. never been to a live event before
  8. I don't remember, last live event I attended most chants I started catched on. Except a "Randy Savage" chant after Punk hit an Elbow Drop, I heard one guy a few seats to the left chanting with me but I don't think those other noobs got it.
  9. :dafuq: Should have threw them onto the row below, yell "OOOHHHH YEAH!!!!" Then give them a huge elbow drop. After that pull out a slim jim and eat it like a:boss1:
  10. It'd be hard to do that to 5,997 people, but I guess I could try. :dawg:

    I just remembered the guy with two kids in front of me, Cena fans. Their faces every time I screamed Cena Sucks... priceless. :haha:
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  11. I can imagine some idiots, chanting "We want tables" in a cage match!
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