Have you've ever thought about wanting to become a wrestler/superstar for the WWE ?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by jminter2698, Mar 10, 2018.

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  1. I did, I've been a wrestling fan since The Attitude Era in the late 1990's - early 2000's when Stone Cold and The Rock were popular (back when the WWE used to be called the WWF as most of you know) but at that time, I was a kid so I didn't think this was something you could actually do until I saw Tough Enough, but even then I was still too young to try out for it as I had to be 18 or older. So when I finally did turn 18, I wanted to do it but my dad said it was too risky and I might not make it, so I didn't do it but I still wanted to at least give it a try. Then more years pass and I was 24 (two years ago) when I let my mom know I wanted to wrestle but she said the same thing and said I lacked the physicality and didn't have good communication skills. But I was determined to still try. Then I realized that I made the mistake of trying to gain everybody else's acceptance, especially when my parents were never big wrestling fans to begin with, so they aren't really the best source. I'm aware of all the injuries and things that may prevent me from being a big name like John Cena, or The Rock or Steve Austin but I'm not focused on that, I just want to have a match.
  2. I've thought about being a manager/commentator but never of being a actual wrestler. But good luck to ya, man.
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  3. I'll admit... I had thought of it. :emoji_slight_smile:
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  4. As a kid and teenager most definitely. I remember the days of choke slamming and pedigreeing friends into a couch and vice versa.

    There's a reason they say 'don't try this at home'
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  5. Never seriously since I can't stand people touching me and...well, good luck wrestling someone who doesn't want a finger laid on 'em.
  6. Oh yeah, I would love to make Roman look strong one day.
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  7. I did, once or twice in my teenage years. But now? Eh. I figured out my life path.
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  8. No, but I have wanted to be a WWE writer for a while now.
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  9. Not really, don't think i would like the grueling schedule, being ordered around all the time, the politicking.. Plus, the job looks like it would get boring doing that everyday for years.

    If i became a wresller, it would be for CZW if they paid decent money. It looks way more fun.
  10. I'd rather be an Indie Wrestler like my Dad. I would be a little overwhelmed by all the people in one place... tbh.
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