Haverford Honchkrows

Discussion in 'Pokemon Showdown League' started by Runebane33, Nov 4, 2015.

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    Haverford Honchkrows
    Showdown Username: Runebane33
    Coach: @Runebane33

    The Squad
    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
    Mega-Venusaur (7 ko's) Starmie (7 ko's) Tornadus-T Honchkrow (7ko's) Darmanitan(2ko's) Goodra

    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    AmoonGuss Bronzong(!ko) Dugtrio Sawk(1ko) Carbink (2ko's) Poliwrath

    OU replay: AlrightShadow vs. runebane33 - Pokémon Showdown
    OU replay: vcitypikachus vs. runebane33 - Pokémon Showdown
    OU replay: valdese vaporeons vs. runebane33 - Pokémon Showdown
    vs Solidus-N/a


    Thats how you get the W
    Also Open for trades

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  2. @GZR Seb I'm ready to play whenever you are team prep done and excited to win
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  3. Gg bruh.

    When Zach and Forest finish their battlers can Runebane and I battle? Or do we still have to wait a week? @Solidus
  4. Wait until week 2 starts.
  5. Anyone got the replay?
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    WEEK 1
    Match Replay:OU replay: AlrightShadow vs. runebane33 - Pokémon Showdown
    Match Recap:
    The Haverford Honchkrows Start the Season off with a nice 5-0 Victory against the Rustboro Rayquazas.
    Starmie got two kills one against Roserade with psychic and another against Heatran to win it with surf
    Mega Venusaur Did great this game securing 3 kills
    Killing Gastrodon with giga drain Aromatisse with leech seed, and Gliscor with hidden power
    And to round off our teams kills Gyarados died to Carbinks stealth rocks

    On the opposing end Aromatisse ended Carbink with a moonblast.

    Overall it was a great showing by the whole Squad Good game to @GZR Seb and the Rayquazas
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  7. Venusaur got 3? I saw just 2. Leech seed doesn't count I think, not when counting top kills anyway.
  8. Will that start monday? :3
  9. Saturday
  10. :stfu:
  11. No need to rush, you have 8 weeks to prepare for a crushing defeat at the hands of the Victinis.
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  12. You'll pay for that remark :henry:
  13. That'll probably take 8 weeks itself.
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  14. All my teams got deleted, lol. Lame as fuck. Oh well.
  15. Should expert to text file. :pity1:
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  16. This is why we keep them cookies
  17. Been semi-prepping a team for our battle. Have to admit, your team is pretty tough, Honchcrow and Torn-T are especially scary.
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  18. I have a feeling this will be a good match, it's a shame we play this early on i the schedule.
    Good luck @deth
  19. Week 2
    :OU replay: vcitypikachus vs. runebane33 - Pokémon Showdown
    The match-up against the V-city Pikachus's Coached by @deth was practically even, It was a great back and forth game but sadly ended with our Darmanitan falling to the opposing Salamence's aerial ace..
    Bronzong Earthquake'd the Jolteon securing its first kill of the season
    Starmie fell to Manaphy's Energy ball
    Seeking Revenge
    Darmanitan u-turn'd beating that Manaphy.
    Next Our mascot Honchkrow lost to Latias using Thunderbolt
    And again this
    latias gains another kill versus our goodra with a psyshock
    Darmanitan gains a kill with its U-turn on Latias
    Venusaur then beats out Entei and Mamoswine bulking both their attacks
    But sadly
    Salamence closes the game beating Venusaur and Darmanitan with aerial ace.

    :Final Thoughts
    I cannot say i'm not mad but, It was a great match, I made some mistakes and Got the lesser hand of favor but overall the Pikachus clutched it out in a narrow 1-0 victory over our Honchkrows. I can see this rematch easily being a high stakes playoff match, and i'm excited to play the now 2 and 0 Pikachus again later!
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