HAVOK is coming

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  1. After weeks of hype

    Better known in independents as Jessicka Havok
  2. So excited about this! :please:
  3. Nice tits
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  4. Funny, I didn't catch any tits in that video.
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  5. I like ms. Havok, hopefully she wears the mask!! I'd be pretty disinterested if she didn't carryover the same gimmick she was working in the indies.
  6. Okay, so, you were right. I googled her and she does, indeed have fantastic ones.
  7. I thought Havok was a guy, lol
  8. @Majour And I have been so hyped for this!
  9. 'Jessicka Havok is coming'.
    Sounds like a mainstream film masquerading itself as a porn flick.
  10. YOu've seen what Majour looks like?
  11. Would I say Havok looks like her if i hadn't?
  12. :true:
  13. I've posted in the Real life picture thread a couple of times. Mystery solved.
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  14. You're a pretty lady, no lie.
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  15. Never heard of her :silva:
  16. :gusta:
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  17. I don't go in that thread much but its interesting to know what a smart female wrestling fan looks like.
    For the most part, I'm impressed. The chicks on this site are well put together.
    With famous hot, you always wonder what's going on under the umbrella shade so to speak.
    The only chick on here that left me with a bad taste was BLFFL's pic. It wasn't very flattering. She was mouth breathing and didn't flatter her in the least.
    People should stop smiling in pictures altogether. Smiling in pics is a recent phenomenon and its unnecessary and 'cheeky'.

    Pretty lady, no smiling; mouth closed
  18. lol you're telling me all this why?
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