HAVOK Issues A Warning; Gail Kim Responds!

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    This Wednesday night, the world will witness a Knockout's Championship rematch that has been building for quite some time. HAVOK has been a menacing figure; a wake up call of sorts to the Knockouts of TNA. A seemingly unstoppable force hellbent on destruction.

    What makes HAVOK so scary is the fact she wants to inflict pain; she wants to injure and even end careers.

    There has forever been an understanding amongst athletes that winning is the most important factor, but in a professional manner, where everyone can earn a living the next night. Not so with HAVOK. Case in point, here are some vicious words of warning from the current Champion:

    "I welcome Gail Kim's return. I want her to come for her revenge. This time, there will be no excuse she can use as to why I AM the Knockouts Champion! I plan to put her through even worse than I did before. WHEN I defeat Gail again, the entire world will see WHY HAVOK is the most dominant Knockout and female wrestler in the WORLD."

    Havok is not to be taken lightly & no one is saying Gail Kim is doing so. Gail had these comments.

    "I don't feel 100% but, guess what? I'm willing to take my chances right now because that's how much I want to hurt her and take my Championship back. HAVOK will soon learn that I won't just go away. I have been in the ring with the greatest female wrestlers in the world and she will not be the one to put an end to things. This, I can promise."

    It's a cliche used way too much in this business, but this is personal. It's about the future and future earnings. At the end of the day, these two Knockouts simply don't like each other. Wednesday night will go a long way in seeing the future of TNA. Don't miss this encounter!

    IMPACT airs Wednesday nights at 9/8c on Spike TV!


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  3. I would like to see that beast come to the wwe
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