HAVOK's Reign of Terror Ends... For Now.

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    No one would have predicted the outcome to last nights three-way Knockouts Championship Match. Although, HAVOK did not need to be involved in the decision and she wasn’t, many believed HAVOK would handle both Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell well enough to escape with her title.

    It is a bold statement to say that HAVOK would be able to defeat two such accomplished Knockouts, but the Knockouts Division has belonged to HAVOK for nearly half a year. The now former champion has dominated and decimated since this summer and the future looked to be all HAVOK's until she was done.

    The argument could, and should, be made that HAVOK was not defeated last night, Taryn Terrell defeated Gail Kim so don’t expect HAVOK to go away completely, we expect her to be back, stronger than ever, looking to reclaim the championship she lost.

    However, now it is party time for the New Orleans native, Taryn Terrell, as she captured her first Knockouts Championship! The question remains how long will Taryn have to celebrate until every other Knockout on the TNA roster comes knocking on her door for a title opportunity of their own? Taryn seemed to already be thinking about the next challenge when she spoke to IMPACTWrestling.com moments after winning the Championship.

    “I am, honestly, so excited! Being the Knockouts Champion is what I've wanted since the first moment I stepped foot in a TNA ring. I am on cloud nine!!! I have been through ups and downs in the wrestling business and I am beyond thrilled to have finally accomplished being champ. But, they say what's harder than getting to the top, is staying at the top... My focus is to retain this title as long as possible. We have an amazing roster of Knockouts and I'm honored & humbled to be the Knockouts Champion!!!!”

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  2. Havoc is a Beast I never thought she would lose
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