Hawaii Changes Legal Smoking Age To 21

Discussion in 'Serious Topics & Debates' started by WarMachine, Jan 2, 2016.

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  1. Sure, why not? It's not like young people want to do things even more when they are not supposed to. Perhaps military recruiters should stop recruiting anyone under 21 as well. Why? Because anyone old enough to serve in the military should be able to make their own choices. If you are old enough to help select the people who make laws, you should not have laws passed that discriminate against you because of your age. Another thing that bothers me about this is that this is another case of our government sending mixed messages on what age someone becomes an adult. You can vote when you are 18, you can fight (and die) for your country when you are 18, and you can drive with an unrestricted license when you are 18. Telling someone that they can't legally smoke (or drink for that matter) until they are 21 totally contradicts all the other messages that we send about the age that one becomes an adult. Why is it so difficult to just make one age equate to the definition of being an adult and then be consistent about it. Is that age 18 or is it 21? Make up your mind, America.

  2. This will achieve nothing.
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  3. Pretty much what he said. The legal age here is 18 and I see so many school kids smoking, if they really want to do it they will find a way.
  4. And in addition to that, it's legal to actually ride in the back of a pickup truck there.

    Just so dumb.
  5. So, Hawaii changes legal smoking age to 21, while my country of Serbia will introduce "total ban on smoking in public places" this year.

    Yeah, that'll change everything. :otunga:
  6. To be fair, most 18 year olds act like 13 year olds... I don't think bars/clubs need anymore help with being the "spot" for immature drunks to "chillax" in.

    Also, ever find it funny how 18 year old girls can get into clubs where most clubs require the guys to be 21? That is how it is around here anyways.
  7. Worry not, here in Serbia, 13 year olds can get into clubs just like that.
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  8. That has got to be like going into a Toys R Us that is serving alcohol lolol
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  9. And I went half way off topic... Sorry about that. Either way, kids will always find a way to smoke and putting commercials on TV that make it "cool" to not smoke makes kids want to do it more so way to go with that one Merica.
  10. Doesn't really change much. They'll find a way just like the 13 year olds today.
  11. Literally thinking the same thing
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  12. As I've said before, there will be a total ban on smoking in public places here. It's fine by me, since I don't smoke.

    Now, when most people go to restaurants/bars/cafes, they won't be staring at their phones and smoking, they will just be... Staring at their phones. lol

    And yeah, to get back on topic, saying "Yo, you can't smoke till you're 21" will change nothing. People will always find a way.
  13. It is outlawed here for inside buildings. You can't smoke with in, I think it is 20 to 50 feet of the front doors of commercial buildings like restaurants, hospitals, schools, ect. either. It depends on what the actual building is for the distance.
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  14. People will still find way to smoke. Like smoking the vapor USBs.
  15. I started smoking when I was like 16. Like Soli said, this will do nothing.
  16. I first smoked when I was 15 and someone in my grade was able to walk into a place and buy them for everyone. The owner thought he was in his 20's... never thought to card him. lol
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