Hawkins challenging Ryder for the Internet Championship

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  1. http://www.pwmania.com/david-otungas-wwe-return-curt-hawkins-challenges-zack-ryder-video-john-laurinaitis

    (Don't think you can embed a Tout yet. Can you?)

    Basically he brought up Ziggler wanting to go after his title (makes sense) but with Ziggler having bigger and better plans in sight, Hawkins said that he wants a shot... given the history between the two it could be a fairly interesting rivalry.

    If they really want to use that title on TV, that would be a fun little one-month feud for Bryan if he takes a break from title contention.
  2. Hawkins vs Ryder would be nice to see I suppose.
  3. I read an interview with zack and he said he asked wwe about using the title on TV and they said no -.-
  4. I'm not really surprised, really. Seems like something WWE would do.
  5. Doesn't stop them from calling him the Internet champion. Both Roberts and Garcia have introduced him as such and their website calls him it all the time.
  6. but they let that million dollar championship on TV :emoji_slight_frown:
  7. I haven't seen him being announced as such but I've seen him being called that in .com and Stanford and Cole must've mentioned it a few times on commentary as well.

    I'm pretty sure the Million Dollar title was WWF's idea, no DiBiase's.
  8. The problem is that they would have to pay for the logos of Twitter, Facebook, etc to be used on the title on TV. Simply introducing him as the internet champion isn't copyright infringement. Also, they can put it on his youtube show because it is being used for personal use in that instance, you know?
  9. Any title with a Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube logo should never be used.
  10. *Dumb Question Alert*

    We see WWE on Youtube ads all the time, don't they have the Twitter logo on the screen (I never cared enough to check) whenever something trends? Either way, they have a partnership with Twitter... Doesn't that count? (Facebook logo can gtfo anyway)

    Or why not just redesign the belt?
  11. Well not exactly. They have paid for the use of that but think about if they market the belt and make toys with it and all that stuff. They would have to pay for all that. And Twitter, facebook and stuff is okay with the product WWE but maybe they won't want to be represented by the superstar who may hold the belt. If the belt is going to represent other companies then those companies may want a say in the superstar who holds the belt which would make the writing complicated (and they already have enough trouble working it all out on their own haha)
  12. The new Ryder figure from Mattell has the Internet Title in a exact replica though. I do suspect that would they start competing for it they will redesign it.
  13. *skips reading the next thread*
  14. Wish they would just let him carry it around :/
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