Hawkins future endevoured

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  1. He just tweeted that he was. Anyone confirm this?

  2. Most likely a work for NXT plot. Considering he actually tagged NXT in the post.
  3. Wow that's such a shame :emoji_slight_frown:

    Edit: I don't follow NXT so yeah I'm not sure.
  4. Hell knows but Hawkins has the makings so who knows!
  6. In a current storyline Hawkins and his partner in crime Reks kidnapped NXT host Matt Striker. Last week Striker escaped and NXT GM Reagal finished the show with saying he was going to punish them. Maybe he fired them in story or something i dunno. Haven't seen this weeks episode yet.
  7. After Maxine told Regal that they kidnapped Striker, the first way he punished them were to put Hawkins and Reks in a "Loser Gets Fired" match against each other. Reks won.

    Work? We'll see.
  8. Doubt they'd fire Hawkins for real.
  9. Considering he and Reks were the Rocks personal training partners for a year I think they are pretty safe since Rock reportedly spoke highly of them both.
  10. Maybe it's a worked firing so :ace: can sign him, since for some reason the NXT guys aren't on the main roster in kayfabe. WWE's lIttle red-headed step children.
  11. Yes which is weird considering that Tyson Kidd was in the SD intro for most of 2011.
  12. Draine if it was worked could excuse Hawkins on SD say and Reks interfering to get them both on the main roster?
  13. I don't think it's an actual firing. I personally don't follow NXT but it doesn't seem like a real firing.
  14. It has to be there is no reason for them to fire Hawkins plus the guy is talented and can be something so they wouldn't just get rid.
  15. Draine can tell us! He's the NXT god.
  16. I'll watch NXT tomorrow, haven't seen it, but I doubt they would fire him.
  17. Thanks, but give some credit to Sackfist and Stopspot as well.


    Learn2readthread Crayo

    Show Spoiler
    After the match, Reks celebrated keeping his job. Regal called him over...

    Regal: Tyler, tyler, tyler, lets put our differences aside for a moment...
    Reks: "Yeah, You're not bad after all"
    Regal: Well, I've changed my mind, you're fired as well. See ya, flower.

  18. He was working a house show tonight...

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  19. Oh so it's a work, great. I love Regal.
  20. I have started to believe that Reagal is Trolldin God of Trolls.
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