Hazard Kicks The Ballboy

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Bobby Ray, Jan 23, 2013.

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    Ironically the biggest question I have is what the fuck was the ball boy doing? Was he actually time wasting? That was hilarious, what a guy.
  2. First time I have ever seen a ball-boy flop dive off the pitch before, that was bizarre to say the least. I wonder what the ref was thinking - "How the fuck do I discipline that?"
  3. Ball boy looked tougher than that pansy Hazard anyway, I'm surprised he didn't get up and shank the French imbecile.
  4. Ball boy was in all fairness taking his time to give it back but then Hazard pushed him over, so in my eyes why wouldn't you do the same, I just said to Ryan if I was the ballboy and Boro were in that situation, I would have held it for way longer, and I can confidently say, so would most football fans, Hazard's just lost it, and done it in the most idiotic way.
  5. He pushed him over? I have only seen it once, but from what I recall he seemed to fall over rather easily and then just sit on the ball. You are in the semi-final and two nil down, wouldn't you try your best to get the ball back? I'm not defending Hazard at all, I think the ballboy is a legend, but I don't condone bias and unsporting actions. Furthermore, you can obviously tell from the replay that Hazard was in fact trying to kick the ball, instead of the dude holding onto it.
  6. Yeah he went down easy but Hazard basically pushed him, the ball boy was wrong in doing it but once again I would have done exactly the same if my team were in that situation, and if I was the ball boys dad I would have been bloody proud of him, I don't condone cheating at all but in that situation you do what is needed to win your team the match imo.
  7. "I don't condone cheating at all but in that situation you do what is needed to win your team the match imo."

    That's rather contradicting. That is condoning it.
  8. I don't agree, as I don't think he was cheating in the slightest, the Swansea keeper was holding onto the ball for ages all game but is he branded a cheat? No, players stand on each others toes all game as they know it will wind them up, are they branded cheats? No, a ball boy holds onto the ball after being pushed over and gets a kicking for his actions and he is now a cheat? Makes no sense whatsoever to me, players time waste every single game but nothing is ever said so this is any different?
  9. I didn't necessarily label him as a cheat, but holding onto the ball to time-waste is an unnecessary and illegal advantage over your opponents. Goalkeepers have six seconds to kick the ball and toe-stamping is inevitable, professional fouls are inevitable -- they are both meant with punishments by the football law. Your ball boy however holding onto the ball is an outside influence, I can see why the players especially would be annoyed with his actions.

    In their point of view, someone who isn't involved with the game whatsoever is having an important involvement illegally. It's much different than your opponents bending rules and time-wasting than a stranger doing it, in my opinion anyway. I play football weekly myself, if one of the away fans held on to the ball to create an advantage for their team then I would be more annoyed than I would be if the opposing players were doing the same thing, I think most competitive athletes would to be honest.
  10. Yes goalkeepers are supposed to have six seconds but when is it ever enforced? The kid picked the ball up and literally seconds later was bundled over by a professional footballer playing for the over team, how do we know when he picked up the ball he had any intention of time wasting? Until Hazard pushed him over we don't know if he would have just done what he was meant to and give the keeper back the ball but if I was pushed over by a grown man when I was a kid, I would have had some pride and said right you tosser come and get the ball then, there is no way I would have gotten back up like a nice young man and said here is the ball sir, Hazard lost that privilege when he pushed him over imo, anyone who says they wouldn't have done the same is lying to themselves imo, Hazard needs to stop being a little kid and apologize for his actions immediately and life goes on, I get he was annoyed in the heat of the moment but if you have any decency you do not do that to a kid, especially if you are a grown man, he should and will receive a lengthy ban for this imo.
  11. Have you watched the incident? Come on man, he wasn't pushed at all lmao. As soon as the ball went to him and it went "past him", you could see full well his intentions were time wasting.
  12. Just came on to post this topic. I think the ball boy overreacted. He was obviously milking the time, which ball boys are probably instructed to do, and Hazard was frustrated as they were down 2-0 in the series and time was crucial. I think the red card was too harsh and I hope it gets overturned. A yellow card would be too harsh in my opinion too.
  13. Nope, they're not.

    Sorry ColeMiner but I can't justify a reply to that, especially as you're demanding an apology from what was an obvious accident.
  14. While they may not be instructed to, wouldn't you want your team to have an advantage, however slight? The kid smothered the ball and refused to give it back.
  15. I think the ballboy will soon play for Barca.
  16. Yes, the kid is a boss for trying it, but I can see why so many people would be frustrated by it. Would I do it myself? Probably not, as I wouldn't want to risk losing the ball boy position which results in watching games for free and interacting with many professional footballers.
  17. Yeah I have and I'm sorry but I'm struggling to believe that anybody would have done it different, he did no worse than most players do and even fans, maybe he was going to take a little longer but wouldn't anybody in their right mind? My dad would have went ballistic at me if I had just given the ball back as fast as I could, everybody time wastes to a certain degree and he was no different, Hazard acted like a spoilt brat and NEEDS a lengthy ban imo, yeah the kid milked it but wouldn't you? He's probably going to get free tickets to the final and I would be amazed if his family didn't sue Hazard, I don't care what it's about or who you are but you never hit a kid.
  18. I'm not agreeing that he should have done it but can you blame him? That would be an awesome experience, though.
  19. I've never seen a ball boy do something like that in my life. A lengthy ban? Are you joking Cole? He went for the ball and accidentally kicked the little pussy, he should have known better but it was completely innocent. Footballers are human beings, at 2-0 down you need to dish out some sympathy once in a while.
  20. No, I don't and haven't once blamed him, I think it's hilarious. I can just see the other side of the coin, the hate for Hazard is completely unjust and unnecessary.
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